Thursday, September 5, 2013

Donnerstag in Deutschland

Shana Tova! Hope your year is off to a good start. Saturday, Terry and I went to the wine festival in Bernkastel and met up with some friends there. We went on a boat and watched the fireworks. We ate a lot of yummy treats- potato pancakes, fire roasted salmon on a brötchen, a cheese skewer with grapes, sugared almonds, chicken satay. thank goodness kosher calories don't count! 6 bottles of a 2008 Riesling followed me home. I have good taste. Sunday, we just spent the day hanging out at home and ordered a pizza. Monday I had to work which was pretty fun since because of a German law, I got paid double. Yay. I spent the rest of the week getting ready for Rosh Hashanah. I made 3 honey cakes, an apple cake, a honey cream cheese dip, sugar cookies, and a salmon horseradish spread. We ordered bagels from a kosher bakery in Berlin. We brought all the food over to our chapel and had a pot luck meal after services. Today we did services in the morning and then I worked.  Now we're eating pierogies for dinner and watching How I Met Your Mother. Not much excitingness over here this week. Told you our lives are boring.

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