Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social

Linking up this week with Neely for Sunday Social.
1) What is your shopping weakness?

I'm not sure if it is limited to any one store, but I would have to say any lip balm/gloss/chapstick type product. I am a total lip product junkie and at any given moment will have anywhere between 5-10 (I'm not even kidding here!) lip products in my purse.

My other love is Polish pottery. My pattern is Floral Peacock. I want to get a full set of dinnerware in that pattern and some serving pieces. I have a few plates and bowls in other patterns also to mix and match. I'm hoping to find some good deals when I am in Poland next week.

2) What is your food weakness?
That one's easy.
I could pretty much eat sushi every single day if money was no object and not get sick of it. There are days when T will ask me what I want to do for dinner, and I just give him the look that says "why even bother asking?"

3) What is your go-to movie to watch when nothing is on?

4) What is your go-to breakfast food?

Ummm. Does this count as a breakfast food?
In all seriousness, I am not much of a breakfast food person. For religious reasons, I can't eat most breakfast meats (I don't eat pork and when you go out, it's not like you can find turkey bacon in a lot of places), and I don't eat eggs at all (they trigger my gag reflex). I love pancakes and hash browns (especially with melted cheese on top!) but it's not like that is exactly a healthy breakfast that you can have every day. My breakfasts usually consist of a can of Coke Zero, pancakes or home fries if I'm out, some fruit, a granola bar, or whatever else I can find lying around. (I know, I know. A dietician would have a field day with this.) When we travel, I love hotel breakfasts that have smoked salmon in the buffets.

5) Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you take it?
I take my coffee white- 3 gallons of milk, 2 pounds of sugar. Whatever room is left in the cup- you can go ahead and put coffee in that. The guy who owned the coffee kiosk near my old job in New York used to charge me $0.75 for a $1 cup of coffee. And believe me when I say that it was not because of my winning personality.

Early into our relationship, TLS and I were in Chicago and took the train to the Museum of Science and Industry for the Harry Potter exhibit. We grabbed coffees to go from our hotel and I explained to him that I like my coffee sweet. He said he understood me. And then looked on in horror as I proceeded to put 7 packets of sugar into a small cup of coffee that already had flavored creamer in it. (Have I mentioned that a dietician would pretty much have a field day with me?)

This is part of the reason why I love Starbucks drinks so much- after all of the syrups and creamers and whipped cream and chocolate drizzle and chocolate shavings and whatever else it is that they manage to possibly stick in that cup, there's very little coffee taste left.