Monday, April 15, 2013

Not Soap Radio

Not Soap Radio is a company that I love. I was first introduced to them in the early years of this blog when they asked me to do a review. I fell in love with their products and have been coming back for more ever since. I have given a few of their items as Hannukah gifts and even gave a few Not Soap Radio items as gifts to my bridesmaids at our rehearsal dinner.

Not Soap Radio products smell great, work great, have cute packaging, and are at a pretty good price point. How great is that?  Here are my favorite products from them:

Phoenix Shower Gel- Smells great, lasts forever and the name is perfect for an Alpha Sigma Alpha!

Happy Hanukkah Greeting Card Lip Balm- tastes great and has a nice little bit of color
Sorority Lettered Mini Lip Gloss Trio- great colors and the lip glosses are small enough to fit in the smallest purse or wristlet

In time for Mothers' Day, Not Soap Radio is having a sale on for their Mothers' Day Shower Gel.
How cute would this be to give to an expecting friend at a baby shower?
Starting tomorrow, their Originals shower gels will be available on (including my beloved Phoenix shower gel. Thank goodness. Since my bottle is almost out, I plan on stocking up on this stuff.

Currently, their shower gel is being "out-liked" by a very gross and disturbing poster of *ahem* feminine body parts through the decades. As a woman, I think that this is unacceptable, so if you could please create an account at and like the shower gel, both myself and Laura of Not Soap Radio fame would appreciate it.

If you have never heard of Not Soap Radio, be sure to check them out and also like them on facebook. They have lots of fun contests and such going on there.

**Disclaimer** This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions expressed are my own. Just showing a friend some love