Thursday, April 11, 2013

Introducing Pampadour and a Giveaway

I am a total makeup and beauty products junkie. When I lived in the U.S., I loved going into Sephora just to "browse" and coming back out with a bag full of things that I wasn't really sure if I needed or not. Good thing they had a great return policy. Now that I live in Germany, Douglas (Germany's version of Sephora) is one of my must-stop in shops.

Maybe it's because now I'm in my late twenties and am married and have bills and things to worry about as opposed to the disposable income I had when I was 22, I am more cautious about making impulse purchases on products that I may or may not end up using. (It doesn't help that since my German vocabulary is rather limited and I can't understand return policies.) When I look at a product, my instinct is to google reviews for it on my iPhone to see if anyone else has used it and what she had to say about it.

Since I am clearly not alone in this, I was recently contacted by Pampadour, a brand new social networking site devoted to beauty products. Pampadour was created by combining what were the most popular and well-liked features of current social networking sites.

There are four main actions that you can do on Pampadour.

1) Pamp It: Share products, photos, or videos within Pampadour or other social media outlets, and build your own beauty profile.
2) Tag It: Tag a photo of yourself, an editorial or a red carpet look with the products used. Hover over the subject's eyelid and you'll see a thumbnail appear of the eye shadow quad, move on to the lips to discover the lipstick shade or the cheek for the blush color.
3) Clip It: Capture product or photo images from anywhere on the web to add to your profile.
4) Adour It: "Heart" or "like" either a product, photo, video or discussion post.

Below is a photo of what the site looks like:

To celebrate the launch of their site, Pampadour is very pleased to offer a giveaway to Preppy Girl Meets World readers. Two very lucky ladies (or gentlemen, I guess) will each win a gift basket chock full with $100 worth of products from Votre Vu and Talika (two of their sponsors). Enter using the widget below.

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