Thursday, April 4, 2013

Etsy finds

I love searching around on Etsy and can spend hours on there (and very often do!) just browsing and looking for cute things for gifts for others of for myself. Since we have had quite a few Etsy packages come to our house lately, it seemed like a good time to do an Etsy post.

1) two color monogram decal from DecalInnovations

I received a blank plain wine glass as a favor at a holiday party. Since I didn't have use for a single wine glass that didn't match any of my others, I decided to jazz it up with a monogram decal. I fell in love with the decals from Decal Innovations because you could get more than one color in it. I chose to go with a pink and navy one with the decal shape from the last one with the font style from the first decal. (You following all this?) The shipping was a bit long but I think it had more to do with the fact that it was shipped via First Class mail. (Side note: never send a package to an APO address via First Class mail. Your recipient could be waiting months for it.) I was so excited to get my decal that I put it on rather hapzardly and caused some wrinkles in it that I could not get out.
Overall, not my best effort, but it doesn't impair my ability to  drink wine, so I'll keep it on there.

2) stretchy hair ties from Bowties Bowtique
I love this style of hair tie because they don't cause weird bumps in my pony tail and the elastic looks just a tiny bit nicer than the usual plain black Goody elastic. Bowties Bowtique's prices are quite good ($0.99 for one elastic- shipping is $0.50 for one item and $0.25 for each additional item). I liked that you get to pick the colors and aren't forced to pick one pack of pre-selected colors. I ordered 3 to start out with- one in noir, one in surf blue, and one in baby pink.
The package was shipped on February 12th, and as of today, it still has not arrived. (This is why you never ship anything via First Class mail to an APO address.) The seller was very sweet and gracious about it and resent them. They arrived about a week later and I have been wearing these ever since. I plan on ordering more very soon. Be sure to like them on facebook because they seem to have some kind of special going on every so often.

3) Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Hotty Pink First Impression Address Labels from elleofont
Ordered these on a whim because they were cute and I needed more address labels. This is one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer patterns. The address labels themselves are really cute and came here fast. The girl who owns the shop, Lindsay, is a total sweetheart and I have gotten a few more things from her since then including a facebook cover photo and a monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Pop background for my iPhone.

4) Custom onesie from BiasedBaby
Normally, I detest onesies or shirts for children that have writing on them, but there are a few that I will make an exception for. I saw this on Etsy a while back and mentally bookmarked it for future possible shower or new baby gifts. When a dear sorority sister of mine announced that she was pregnant, I knew that this was the perfect baby gift for her. I ordered this to arrive when she got back from vacation to surprise her. I asked to put a gift note in with the onesie so she would know who it's from and the store did. My friend loved the onesie and so did every other Alpha Sigma Alpha on her facebook page who saw the picture of it. In addition to sororities and fraternities, they also do onesies for the police and different branches of the military.

5) This Too Shall Pass Aluminum Cuff from StampinOffThePath

This is one of my favorite sayings and something I have been trying to remind myself of a lot lately. We have been facing some hard times and decisions so I wanted to get a bracelet with that on it to remind me that no bad time lasts forever. It came here pretty quickly and I fell in love with it instantly. I wear it most days either alone or with other bracelets and have gotten so many compliments on it and so many people have asked me where it's from, so here it is.

Hope you enjoyed my recent purchases. Let me know if there are any Etsy items that you've bought recently and loved or if there are any that you are currently lusting over.


  1. naturally, i am dying to know where you got your pink star of david bracelet pictured with the aluminum cuff!

    1. I got it at the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I don't have the packaging with the brand name on it any more. :(

  2. How do you prevent those hair ties from stretching out to the point you can't use them? Every one I've ever owns winds up SO stretched out after only a few uses that I have to throw them away. I'd say I get about 4 wears before I have to ditch them.

    1. It hasn't been a problem for me so I can't say. For me, the biggest problem with hair elastics just tends to be losing them in general. I tend to misplace small things a lot.

  3. Oh I ordered from DecalInnovations and had a different experience. Took forever just to ship!

  4. I've ordered several items from the Mashugana shop and I love her jewelry.

  5. LOVE all of these! I featured bowties bowtique on my blog not too long ago and I love her colors! Also, after seeing that bracelet I'm definitely considering ordering one for myself :)

    If you get a chance, check out my Etsy shop!
    I'm just starting out but I come out with new patterns almost every month!


  6. The glass looks awesome! Love the address labels too

  7. I could (and do) spend hours browsing Etsy!

  8. Wow! So fun! Great finds! Totally love all of these! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls