Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Five- Loving Lately

Happy Friday folks! Hope you had a more eventful week than mine. I had a rather boring week and spent most of it cooped up on the couch after a foot injury got worse on Sunday night. The heartbreak that was caused by my Yanks last night did not really help my mood at all. Yankees- I love you and always will, but please do not show up to a baseball game and decide to play wiffle ball instead ever again. We have plans to do dinner with friends tomorrow night, and I am very much looking forward to our evening out!

Here are five things that have been making me smile this week.

1) Fire Amadeo Studs- ($28 at Baublebar)
Just beautiful. So great for fall.

2) Cozy Critter Socks- ($5 at Old Navy)
I love sock monkeys. They just make me smile and feel so cheerful instantly when I'm having a bad day. TLS got me a sock money that I name Robert right before my surgery last summer and I swear he made me feel better just by being there. Cozy socks are a big fall guilty pleasure of mine. I can't wait to get these in the mail.

3) My new mug.
Growing up with an unusual name, it always meant that the souvenir keychain industry was not for me. I was always secretly jealous of all the Rebeccas and Sarahs and Jessicas out there who seemed to have no problem getting things with their names on them out of a catalog or gift shop. Because of this, it's always a thrill to me now to get an item monogrammed or personalized. It is also because of this that if I ever do have kids, their names will be generic ones so that I can always buy them random personalized souvenirs easily on family trips to Disney.

When I was in Berlin, I found a shop of gifts and craft items from the Erzebirge area. The top floor was just full of this darling blue and white pottery. Immediately, I was drawn to the name mugs. Obviously they didn't have one with my name on it. Big surprise there. The lady did inform me that I could get one custom made and have it shipped to my German address for less than 15€ including shipping. It arrived today. I love how cute and sweet it is. And I love the fact that it is all mine. All of the mail we get at our street address is either sales flyers or bills, so it was fun to get a piece of "real mail" for once! It is also the first package I have received at our street address (not the APO box) thereby crossing another item off my bucket list. It was so fun coming back from physical therapy today and seeing the box waiting for me at the top of our stairs. Thank you downstairs neighbors for being home and signing for it.

4) My Teddy Bear

I've said it before and I'll say it again- he is the best gift anyone has ever gotten me and the best friend a girl could ever ask for. I got him the day I was born and he has been there with me through everything. This week he has been there again for me in full force while I have been busy crying and complaining in pain on the couch.

5) Desperate Housewives

Have recently gotten into this show and have decided to start watching it from the very beginning. It's growing on me. Also- is it just me or did the producers try to make Julie Mayer's character a bit too similar to Rory Gilmore?


  1. OMG love those socks! Kori xoxo

  2. Those socks are the cutest. I love those earrings too. They would go w/ so much. Hope you have a lovely weekend. I'm so happy this work week is OVER!

  3. so true on the Yankees' wiffle ball style play. ugh.

  4. I was totally eyeing those earrings, too. Love the color combo. :)

  5. Can't sleep so reading your blog. Never thought of Huloe as Rory but you are on to something. Never liked Julie but always loved Rory.