Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Easy and Meaningful Fast

To all of my Jewish readers: Wishing you and your loved ones an easy and meaningful fast this Yom Kippur. May you be sealed in the book of life for 5773.

To anyone whom I may have hurt in the past year, I apologize for this. Since I'm sure you can always use a smile, I leave you with one of my favorite pictures.
A bit of a back story- when we were in college, BFF RAA (now RAG) went out barhopping by Columbia University. (As we did pretty much every other weekend.) We went into Haagen-Dazs for Lord knows what reason, but it was in September, so we spotted this sign hanging there. We didn't get any ice cream, but we did get some pictures of this. Since then, it has been my profile picture of facebook every year for Yom Kippur (when I remember to change it).

Gmar Chatima Tovah.


  1. Love this. Love you.

    Have an easy and meaningful fast.

    -RAG :)

  2. I didn't know what 5773 meant until someone on SNL made a reference. Now I feel smarter for understanding everything.
    Have a safe trip to Berlin, can't wait to see pics. xoxo BFF JILL

  3. So cute! I wonder what they taste like??