Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Know You're in Germany When

*You look at your pay stub and there is a line item there for a "Reunification Tax"
*A half liter bottle of beer at the store costs as little as 0,27€ and a half liter of Coke Zero costs 0,90
*The restaurant you're in has doggie dishes but no high chairs.
*You can't walk 5 minutes without seeing Hello Kitty everywhere.
Yes, that is Hello Kitty toilet paper and tissues in my local supermarket.

*You can buy this at your local grocery store 

*When going 94 mph on the autobahn seems like a painfully slow way to get to your destination.


  1. Crazy girl! The Coke prices overseas do crack me up though!

  2. Hello Kitty is everywhere in this desert too. PS. Send me some of that Duff & Sex-Juice. It sounds fun. LMAO!

  3. I think the Hello Kitty rule should apply to all of Europe. Whenever I'm in Portugal with my family it's Hello Kitty everywhere.