Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Anyone who has ever spent more than 20 seconds at a time with me will tell you that I have a total sweet tooth. To me, dessert is an essential part of any meal. When it came to my wedding, this was no different. Choosing the cakes (yes plural) was very important to me and by far my favorite part of wedding planning! We wound up with a gorgeous wedding cake, a groom's cake, mini cupcakes that got buttered during dancing, and a candy buffet for our favors. This was in addition to the desserts that the restaurant already included in our package. I wanted to make sure that our guests left our wedding fat, drunk, and happy. They all did.

Not only was our cake gorgeous on the outside, it was incredibly tasty to boot.

We had alternating tiers of pistachio cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream and tangerine cake with passionfruit filling. Everyone got a slice of both flavors. After the wedding, we eagerly took the top tier of that bad boy home and yours truly got the super fun job of schlepping it back to Germany. It was not small or light and after two disastrous flights on Alitalia (also known as Satan's layover), all of the pretty flowers at the top are not quite as pretty any more.

We put it on the bottom shelf of our freezer and waited until we could carboload in the name of love on our anniversary. (I should mention that Cakey here takes up the entire bottom shelf of our freezer, so space has been a bit tight for the past year or so.)

When our anniversary rolled around, we went to the Czech Republic, and did not schlep Cakey with us. We planned to devour him when we got home, but somehow that never happened. Then I had this beautiful vision of setting out my Lilly Pulitzer tablecloth on June 22nd (our 13 monthversary) and setting it with my Nana's silver, the Tiffany & Co. flutes we received from my MOH, a bottle of Veuve, and showing Cakey who's boss. It was a lovely well-thought out plan. Until June 25th rolled around and we scratched our heads thinking "weren't we supposed to do something s few days ago?"

So now, we have been married for 13.5 months, and have a giant frozen cake taking up residence in our freezer. Every time I open it up to get a Popsicle, Cakey taunts me. It's like he thinks he won or something . Umm no. All I know is that I don't want to be the girl who PCS's with 3 year old cake in her freezer. And have I mentioned that freezer space is tight? I need room in there for more important things like sweet tea vodka and Popsicles. (Mom, if you're reading this, pretend that last sentence said Organic Ground Turkey and seasonal veggies from the Farmers' Market.)

So my question is- at what point do we eat the cake? Do we wait until a date like our 18 month versary/ 2 year anniversary/ anniversary of when T proposed, or do we just stockpile vodka and Frozfruit (organic kale) and just go to town because it's a day that ends in Y?

Those of you who didn't eat your cake on your anniversary, when did you eat it?


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  1. OK, A) those cake flavors sound AMAZING!!!! How yummy :) B) I say go ahead and eat it. I think once you're past 1 year, any day is fair game!

  2. We had a fake top tier of our cake and so we just had some extra cake leftover and wrapped up after our wedding. We immediately ate little slivers of it every night after dinner until it was all gone. We are planning on getting a small cake from the place where we got the wedding cake for our anniversary. I say, make a nice dinner on a lovely Friday or Saturday night, break out some champagne, and make it a special occasion, and eat it! :)

  3. I'm not married...but here's my two cents.

    1. That cake sounds so YUMMY!
    2. Pick a day that you're both feeling a little romantic and go to town on cakey!

  4. I think you should surprise TLS on a random day with a fancy cake and champagne set up!

  5. These cakes sound amazing! Delicious and pretty! We ate ours on our anniversary and it was definitely something I won't forget :)