Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Today marks the one month mark to my 29th (eeek!) birthday. I have been busy planning a birthday outfit and dinner (sushi, naturally). I already got my birthday gift from my parents a few weeks early- a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera.

I am trying to be good about it and not use it until my actual birthday. (I am weird about presents- if you give me a birthday or Hannukah gift early, I will set it aside and not open it/use it until the actual occasion. It makes holidays seem more special to me that way.)
Since I know your day is bot complete without a glimpse at my birthday wish list- here it is:
Kate Spade Cooper Watch

Unless TLS gets this for me for my birthday, this will most likely be my birthday gift to myself. (I like to spoil myself when I can.)
Socialite Sunglasses from Pineapple Grove Gifts

I have always loved sunglasses. When I moved to Germany, I had three pairs of designer sunglasses with me. In between too many wine tests and just general carelessness, that number is now down to just one pair. That I am now getting bored of. These combine some of my favorite things- monograms and sunglasses for a great price!
Butter London nail polish in Scoundrel

I love this color. Seriously a lot. But um, it costs 16,95€ over here. (Have I mentioned that nail polish is bananas expensive in Germany?) No way can I justify spending that kind of money on nail polish for myself. Just can't do it. This falls under the category of something I would love to have but only as a gift.

Tervis Tumblers

I have a small one that was a gift from a dear twitter friend and ASA sister, and I would love some larger ones as well to bring iced tea to work and such. Also, I really want a monogrammed one.
C. Wonder Monogram Decorative Plate

Was going to order this for myself to use as a trinket tray for jewelry and such, but C. Wonder does not ship to APO addresses. Meant to have it sent to my mom or a friend so that they could forward it along to me, but never got around to it. Still want it though.
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  1. I just got the canon T3I and I love it!! I hope you love yours as well.


  2. I've had the sunglasses on my wishlist as well! I love the watch, I think I'll have to add it to mine!

    ...Oh, and I totally get the not using a present until your birthday. Some people think it's will power, but it leaves the day somewhat flat if you have opened and used the presents prior to then!

  3. those c wonder plates are soooooo cute!!! happy almost birthday!!!

  4. Happy almost birthday!! I think I need to add those sunglasses to my wishlist because they are ADORABLE! Plus no one can steal them ;)

  5. the snoopy tervis is just too cute!

    i love the ksny watch. sequel gifted me the delacourt watch for my birthday and i am OBSESSED with it!!

  6. Love the watch! just discovered your blog and love it! Now following!

  7. Jealous you got a fancy camera! That is definitely going to be my birthday wish!