Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink Swap Goodies

This year, I once again participated in Hopsy's fabulous Pink Swap. My partner was Kate from Nautical by Nature and I had so much fun shopping for her.

I equally had just as much fun (if not more) opening my package from her. Kate always finds the cutest things and she spoiled me rotten!

The one item I did ask for was nail polish since the selection on base isn't always the greatest and nail polish in Germany is bananas expensive. Kate sent me 4 different nail polishes to play around with!

She also sent me some adorable cupcake pencils and a notepad/recipe card set, a Lilly Pulitzer photo album, and a set of Lilly Pulitzer note cards. I can never seem to get enough of stationery and pretty note cards, so these were a real treat! There was also a pink and white Jonathan Adler frame. This arrived in perfect time because I had just gotten some pictures printed and realized that I had more pictures than available frames. It now holds my favorite picture from our honeymoon. Last, but certainly not least was the adorable pink, white, and green makeup bag from Old Navy. It is so adorable and the pattern is so me. I keep a Lilly Pulitzer pencil case in my purse to organize all of the little "extras" that always seem to float to the bottom of the bag and clutter it up (blotting papers, Colgate Wisps, headphones, several lip balms/chapsticks, a pen, etc.) and mine was getting a bit small and ragged so I immediately switched it out to this gorgeous number!

Thank you so much to Kate for her thoughtful goodies and I can't wait to see what she thought of mine.

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  1. what a fun link up!! I never thought about nail polish being expensive overseas! I love that frame too =)

  2. I never thought about how expensive nail polish would be overseas. I would go crazy I am constantly buying it lol. xo

  3. What fabulous presents! I need to participate next year!

  4. What great pink swap items! I had the best partner this year also! New follower!

  5. that is some cute stuff!!! love swaps :)