Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek Randoms

*Happy Leap Day to all. 4 years ago, I was actually dating a boy who was a Leap Day Baby. To be funny, I bought him a "Happy 6th Birthday" card. (Side note- it's harder to find a 6th birthday card than one would think.) We are still good friends and of course I had to write on his wall Happy 7th Birthday. Because yes, he's never heard that one before.
*I'm pretty conservative in my nail polish choices, and for the most part, I really only wear pinks/nudes. The other night, I had a dream that I was wearing this gorgeous shade of a mint green nail polish. That's pretty much as un-Masha as you can get. (While I do love nail polishes in other colors, I'm always convinced that they just don't look good on me.) It was a cross between Bevin from Zoya

and Turquoise and Caicos from Essie.

I'm taking it as a sign that I was meant to get one of these nail polishes for Spring/Summer.
*After several months of living in the dark (literally), we finally got an electrician in to come take a look at our kitchen outlet and light and fix them. Things were getting desperate over here. At first we resorted to using the flashlight app on our iPhones and leaving the hallway light turned on when I cooked. Then when our handyman downstairs neighbor attempted to fix the light and couldn't, he loaned us a pretty bright 220v countertop lamp. That actually was bright enough to illuminate my tiny kitchen. When the electrician finally came, it was such a thrill to have a properly working outlet and light again. When he left, I spent about 2-3 minutes in the kitchen flipping the light switch on and off, just because I could! (He said that the electricity on the one side of the wall just died because the house and wiring are so old. There go all of my delusions about pretending that our house was built in the 1950's or later. We're Jewish and live in Germany. Ponder that one.)
*Husband got his outprocessing checklist and started getting his shots and other things ready for his upcoming deployment. Welp. I am so not ready for this one.
*I recently re-discovered Finn Crisps on a grocery shopping trip to a new store this week. My parents always have them in the house and it's just been so long since I've had them. I had forgotten how good they are.
*Yet another phone case bit the dust. After having no luck with Lilly Pulitzer cases, I ordered a monogrammed one. That one somehow cracked and a piece came off and it basically went bye-bye. In the interim, I reverted to my very first iPhone case- a pink metallic hard shell that came with the phone the day we bought it. It was so scratched up and peeling that it was very much meant to be temporary when I put it on. After I dropped it more times than any reasonable person ever should, it chipped off one of the edges in the case. The chip wasn't noticeable until it started to repeatedly scratch me. At that point, it was time for it to go. Since the thought of me not having a case on my phone terrifies my husband, TLS gave me his old iphone case- a plain black hardshell. It's very similar to his current case and when we have our phones side by side, you can't tell which is which. Plus the plain black is too boring for me. So it's time for me to get another case. I want to get one of the Kate Spade ones since I adore just about anything Kate Spade, and I'm hoping to have good luck with it since her hard cases are significantly thicker than the others I've had. I'm torn between these two options.

Option 1: Florence Broadhurst Octagonal iPhone Case

Option 2: Le Pavillion iPhone Case (it's hard to tell from the picture, but the bumper around the phone is pink!)

Which one should I get?


  1. when in doubt...polka dots...always!

  2. definitely the polka dots!

    also -- i own essie turquoise and caicos and i LOVE IT! i always have it on my toes in the summer!

  3. Polka dots! Although, I must warn you, I have a hard shell Kate Spade case as well and it is already cracked. I've only had it for 6 months. It's not worth the money at all. I wouldn't recommend Kate Spade cases, but that being said, its still a Kate Spade case, so... :)

  4. Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but one slight tumble and my Kate Spade case was dented, chipped, and cracked all at once. And it did not fall on too hard of a surface. I had only had it a week. =( Good news, phone is safe. Bad news, I had to get a new case.

  5. i like option one... i think that the black and white will get dirty very easily and the white will become "ecru"... which would bother the bejesus out of me!

    plus... pink bumper? WIN!

  6. I like the first one... I love the colors!

    I feel your pain on the deployment, we are still getting settled into being here (only to pick up and move in a couple months) but for reals, if you want somewhere to go during the day, I'm here. I don't normally have a car, but at least I'm here!