Friday, January 13, 2012

On Weekends

I am not a morning person. My mantra in life is "5 more minutes." I can sleep for 14 hours straight (hypothetically, that is), and still be grumpy when my alarm clock wakes up. Growing up was slightly awful in this regard because my parents are chipper morning people. Vacations with my parents were a nightmare. My father would wake me up at o'dark thirty to go get to the beach before anyone else could. This led to arguments. Every. Single. Morning. Non-vacations weren't much better. I wanted to sleep in as late as humanly possible, and my parents wanted me out of bed like 10 minutes ago. Cure more arguing here. For the record, I was never into Saturday morning cartoons. I liked them fine and all, except for that one slight problem of they came on in the morning.

I had a friend whose whole family were late risers. It was rare to make plans with her for a weekend before like 3:30pm. I thought she was the luckiest girl in the world. I swore up and down on my life that when I got older, I would grow up to be just like her. Truth is, she still hasn't changed. She will not get up before noon, 2:00 if she can't help it. I'm still envious. I still believe in 5 more minutes. And my father still likes to get up at 6:30am. When he does not need to be at work until 4:00pm. (My family puts the fun in dysfunction. For this and so many other reasons.)

Remember when weekends were about fun? About going to the park, and shopping, and to the movies with friends, and to the constant stream of birthday parties? (Ok, maybe they weren't that great for our parents. At least when she was at work, my mother didn't have to worry about an 8 year old asking for a pet penguin every 5 minutes.) I miss those days. Lately, it seems like weekends are more stressful than some weekdays. Today, I was talking with some friend about meeting up with her tomorrow to hand some paperwork over to her. I apologized that we'd be on base early and asked if it was ok with her if I met her before 1:30. She thought I was crazy and told me that they have kids. They're always up and dressed by 8:00am on Saturdays. I thought to myself "poor A" and chalked this up to just one more reason for why TLS and I will not have kids- so we can actually enjoy our weekends for fun.

Then I thought about our weekend plans:
*drop off paperwork with A
*do laundry
*mop kitchen floor
*drop off dry cleaning
*run/empty the dishwasher (times 3- German dishwashers are tiny!)
*check mail before the post office closes at 1:00
*buy birthday gift for a friend
*figure out what's for dinner
*buy ingredients for dinner
*cook dinner
*clean the kitchen after cooking dinner
*head to Ikea
*assemble insertnameofflatpackedobjecthere

 About that.

At least we can have wine while doing all that, especially assembling the random flat packed furniture that is bound to follow us home.

On second thought, add "buy wine" to my to-do list.


  1. I hear ya! I would love to sleep in late but there is usually so much to do. Luckily I have Monday off - so I think I will do just that. I look forward to doing NOTHING!

  2. Ooooh I am so not a morning person. Having my daughter has made me a BETTER morning person (and she is TOTALLY a morning person) but I'm still not great at it. Given the chance I'd love to stay up late and sleep in in the morning... Though I guess my days are more productive now. See the thing is, I'm kind of a lazy person. I mean for real, at least I can admit it, right?? Before baby I could, and did, sleep all day sometimes. Honestly it drove my husband NUTS. So having a baby was probably the best thing for our marriage in that regard haha.

  3. Hah. When I'd finally get up, mom would always say "you're on your own for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is at seven."

    Strangely enough I still hate mornings if I have to function and be somewhere, but love waking up early on the weekends and lounging for hours in my pjs.

  4. I used to love to sleep in, but now I feel like I'm wasting a day. If I'm not up by 8 on the weekend my whole day feels too short.

  5. I used to love to sleep in, but now I feel like I'm wasting a day. If I'm not up by 8 on the weekend my whole day feels too short.

  6. I love sleeping in and relaxing. Enjoy your wine!

  7. i know right? sometimes i'm so excited for weeknds (and by sometimes i mean all the time) - and then i realize all the things i need to do that i've pushed off all week. sometimes i just miss being little too :)

    just found your blog and love it - i'd love it if you follow me back!

  8. Ummmm sooo why couldn't she meet you before 1:30 just cuz she has kids? Granted, we only have one, but if we need to be out of the house for whatever reason, it can be done, and will be done. Kids typically get up EARLY anyways, unless they're the pre-teen/teen age... In which case, it's time to take revenge on them for waking you up so damn much when they were under 5.

    (As per my bitterness shows, I am sooo not a morning person either. I purposely put baby to bed no earlier than 830pm (usually 9 or later) just so I don't have to get up at the butt crack dawn of the morning. Anything before 7am is completely unacceptable in my book.)

  9. maybe its all how you look at "early." i have to wake up at 730 for work, so for me, waking up at 9 or 930 on weekends IS sleeping in!