Friday, January 13, 2012

Non-Buyer's Remorse

Do you ever have a case of non-buyer's remorse? You know, you see something you like, you want it, decide to think about it, and then when you do decide you want it, it is no longer to be found and you're kicking yourself for not getting it when you had the chance to? Yup, me too.

A couple of years ago (I think it was in 2009), I tried on this super adorable dress at the Lilly Pulitzer store. It was not a shift dress, but it still had straps, not a jersey dress, but had a hint of stretch to it, a small pleated ruffle at the bottom, and the print was white with pink flowers. The stems from the flowers spelled out Lilly. Seriously, I loved that dress. Loved I tell you. It looked great on me. Stupidly I put it down in favor of buying some nondescript top. I top I later returned because it sat in my closet unworn for like 4 months and at that point, I no longer needed it. Of course, by this point, the dress was no longer available.

Lately, I find myself thinking about that dress and print a lot (insomnia gives you a lot of time to think). I must have it. Of course, it does not help that I don't know the name of the pattern, or the style of the dress. The best I can come up with is that it's one of the prints in the Patchtastic pattern.
image taken from here

The one in the dead center of this pillow to be exact.

Please somehow help me identify it. Also, if anyone has this dress in anything larger than a size 8 (or anything else in this pattern) and is willing to part with it, please please please let me know!

Also, side note, you can still vote for Alpha Sigma Alpha in the Lilly Pulitzer sorority print contest. (Shameless plug, I had to.)


  1. I suffer from that kind of remorse a lot. I think I'm being sensible and then I regret it!

  2. I bought a dress in that print in April/May 2009 to wear to my brother's graduation. It was full price so it must have been a Spring line? I cannot find the name of the print or style of the dress anywhere on the dress itself, but I googled and found some papergoods using Daily Lilly as the name? I can email you a picture of my dress if you want a larger image.

  3. Ugh I know exactly how you feel! I saw a necklace in a shop here in town...put it back then as soon as I got home regretted it. Went back first thing in the morning and it was gone! And to rub salt in the wound...I saw Lisa Vanderpump wearing it on RHBH and it looked faboosh! *whimper*