Thursday, January 12, 2012

If You Give a Girl a Camera

I don't know if anyone remembers, but 1.5 years ago, right when I first moved to Germany (holy heck, have I really lived here that long?) I needed a new camera for all of my travels, so my parents bought me a cute pink thing for my birthday. It's great, I take it with me everywhere and use it all the time. (Although I do have to confess that lately since getting the iPhone, I find myself using the camera on that more than my actual camera. Anyone else do this?) The problem is that I get incredibly lazy, then I lose my camera cord, then I find it, then I get lazy again, then I find it again, lather, rinse repeat. I am horrible about actually uploading the pictures I take. I still have pictures on my camera that are over a year old. Every time we travel someplace, TLS always says "oh you should blog this" (anyone else's significant other do this?) and I take a picture with the full intention of doing just that, but then it never happens.

While I don't normally believe in New Year's Resolutions (they're way too arbitrary for me- if you see something in your life that you want to change, why wait until January 1st to do it?), this year I had a huge scare! After not being able to find my camera in any of my purses, I got terrified that I left it in the States or somewhere else where I wouldn't get it back. I eventually did find it (thank goodness!) but the thought of losing 1.5 years of memories scared me. Since this happened in mid-December, I did make the resolution to upload all of my pictures to my computer and actually blog the things that I said I would. Expect to see pictures from Stuttgart, Zurich, some wine festivals, and some random photo dump posts.

Once I find my camera cord that is.


  1. I am eager to see your pictures!! I don't lose my camera cards, but I forget what is on them!! There has to be a system to keep those tiny things in order.

  2. Yes, please DO post pictures. I get homesick for Germany even though it's never been my home... Is that weird? Probably. But I need you to post them so I can live through your European travels ;)

  3. I know exactly what you're talking about! On one of my cameras I have pictures from trips I took 3 years ago

  4. Second resolution is to back up your computer once your photos are uploaded. =) From experience, nothing is more gut wrenching than losing 5 years worth of photos.

    Cannot wait to see your adventures on film!

  5. I have no problems getting them on the computer... Ordering them, putting them in scrapbooks/albums... That's a different story... Although, now that hubs is back, that might be different, but I hope not... We'll see what happens come next weekend with our first weekend away!

    [Meee too, other than the couple months away when hubs was... I've been here about 1.5 years too... But we're leaving by the summer, and... umm, we have a LOT to do before then! Any advice on where we must go before we leave?]