Saturday, December 3, 2011

The one with the puffy vest

Since Hannukah is just 17 days away, it's been time for me to make my wish list and send it of to my mother.

This season, my mother has been on a kick of buying me warm winter gear (flannel pajamas, new duvets, wool socks, etc.). It's just as well considering I pretty much live in an igloo.

What I really wanted for Hannukah was adorable Kate Spade hat.
it has a bow on it- how could I not?
Knowing that my mother is always on me to make sure I wear a hat, and that she cannot resist anything with the words Kate Spade on it (the apple doesn't fall all that far from the tree), I figured it was a pretty safe bet that I'd get it.

Just in case though, I decided to hedge my bets and put on it the other cold-weather item I really wanted, this Patagonia vest.
My mother hates vests. Hates them. Also, she hates anything white. (Technically, this color is called "Pearl," but close enough.) Plus it costs $150.00. I knew that there was no way in heck my mother would spend that on something that didn't have sleeves. The Kate Spade hat costs only $85- a lot for a hat, but about half the cost of the vest, so I figured including the vest on my list would make it look cheaper by comparison.

Last night, as Porky Pig was wildly flapping his arms outside my third story bedroom window, my husband came home with our mail for the day. In it was my Hannukah gift from my mother.

She got me the vest.

Go figure.

It is a lot thinner than I expect, and definitely very slim fitting, but it is a rather super-awesome vest. My usual rule with Hannukah gifts is that regardless of when you give them to me, I won't use or open them until Hannukah actually starts, but I had to break it with this vest. I want to get as much use out of it while I still can, before it gets too cold.

One of the vest's more awesome qualities is the fact that one of its pockets converts into a pouch, and you can take the entire thing, smush it up, and zip it into the pouch and then throw it into your Longchamp or wherever. Thereby avoiding snooty coat-check attendants, long lines, and leaving the house with all of your winter garb on only to discover that 35 minutes later, it's actually 65 degrees and sunny out. (What? Like this hasn't happened to you before?)  Brilliant.

Husband and I decided to test this out last night so I rolled it up into the pouch. We then proceeded to spend a solid 20 minutes playing catch with the vest.*

I'm sure my mother would love knowing that she just paid $150+shipping for a volleyball.

*we don't have cable
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  1. I love vests! they remind me more of winter =]

  2. I really like that vest. Love it! And I would DIE without cable!

  3. I hope you get the hat too. It's so cute!

    What a great idea-a vest that can be thrown into your bag when you don't need it! Genius!

  4. I have that Kate Spade hat on my wishlist too!! It is SO adorable!

  5. laughing out loud. yall are hilarious. the vest is cute... but i hope you get that hat!