Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh baby!

No, don't get excited. This post isn't a big announcement or anything.

I have a few friends who are about to become first time mommies. With that, I have spent plenty of time online oohing and aahing over onesies and debating which stroller is best.
every single one of my pregnant friends should expect to get this for Hannukah/Christmas/Winter Solstice

Here's the thing- the last person you should ever be turning to for parenting/baby advice is the girl who doesn't ever want to have a baby. As much as I love my friends- after a while it all starts to look the same. Also, I totally don't know which stroller/carseat is safest. I just know if things are pretty or not.

At the request of my friend Christina, I am turning to all of my mommy friends out there in cyberspace. What "stuff" do you recommend for babies? What  helped you out the most as a new mommy? What can you absolutely not live without? While I am sure my friends appreciate seeing my recommendations for $300 baby dresses because they are just too cute for words, I'm sure they appreciate things that are slightly more budget friendly and realistic. Also- what strollers, car seats, etc. do you recommend?


  1. Since she is from my chapter, I will pass on my favorites that are budget friendly! So cute that you are helping.

  2. I did that post a while back about our top 10 favorite items for the first 3 months. Here's the link if you want to pass it along:


    We LOVE the travel system we have. It's the Chicco Cortina Keyfit30. It comes in a few different colors. It's so easy to use and got really good safety ratings.

    Feel free to give her my info if she ever has specific questions. I love talking baby!

    Oh and if it's the Charlie Brown giveaway that I won- which I think it is- we'd love to have the CB Christmas one! The Mr. was just as excited as I was when I told him I won :-) Thank you so much!!

  3. Umm, my advice is: you don't need as much crap as you think you do! Yes, it's all cute, but really, a wipes warmer and bottle warmer are not necessary. Also, they don't need to buy clothes, seriously. EVERYONE will buy clothes, whether they ask for them or not, so plan ahead and look for bigger items, because you'll have more clothes than the baby can possibly wear before he/she grows out of them. Boppy's are wonderful - even if you don't nurse. Something to keep the child "contained" in as well, weather it's a bouncer, swing, exersaucer - let's you move around. Carseats & strollers: as long they meet the safety standards and seem reasonably comfortable, honestly, the most expensive is not always the best (actually this statement itself is a life saver!). We have a graco snugsomething 30. It's great, and it's quite literally been all over the world... The baby carriers are AWESOME. Again, though, Baby Bjorn, not necessary. We have an infantino carrier, and it was $30 bucks. Again, been all over the world. AMAZING.

  4. as a single gal i have zero advice... but my mother always said her baby food grinder was the best thing ever.

    when the kiddos get to table food age you can just put whatever you're eating in the food grinder and you've got instant baby food!

  5. Let me know if you want the list I sent my sister (she's due in March).

  6. I think my top 2 are: CloudB sleep sheep (on the go/travel one) and the swaddle blankets that have velcro