Monday, August 15, 2011

iPhone Covergate

I remember when I first got my iphone 4, the news that Lifeguard Press for Lilly Pulitzer was coming out with iphone 4 cases was like the most exciting thing ever. I pre-ordered the most me-tastic case of them all, the hotty pink bloomers.
It took forever and a day to actually ship out to the retailers, and then I had to wait for the USPS to take its sweet time getting it over here. When it finally came, I was so excited that I ripped the package open with my bare hands wanting to put a new pink cover on my iphone (as opposed to the old one, which was, you know- pink). Of course, I also broke a freshly manicured nail in the process. Go figure.

My excitement did not last long after that. I noticed the edges of my cover fading and turning white. I remembered reading on facebook that there were issues with the covers for the 3GS model peeling that were supposedly fixed with the 4 one, so I just shrugged it off and assumed it was one of the flowers. Then there was more peeling. My case got to be more white than pink. If I had wanted a white silicone case, I would have just bought one for $3 in Chinatown and not gotten a Lilly one. I emailed Lifeguard Press, sent them pictures of my case, and the woman I spoke with was very gracious and offered to replace my cover. One small caveat- they were out of my pink one so I got sent the Do the Wave instead.
I would have preferred my original pink one, but what can you do? This one is still quite cute. It didn't last long before that one, too, started peeling. I got it in June and it is completely white in some parts. Needless to say, I am done buying iphone cases from Lifeguard Press- as cute as they are, needing 3 cases in 5 months is a bit much.

I have been wanting one of the monogrammed iphone cases that have been popping up everywhere but was not sure I could justify the price tag. Then today, I saw a tweet from the Monogram Merchant saying that they're having a sale for 20% off everything on their site (use code HBMM at checkout) and I decided to bite the bullet. However, it's not as simple as that. I cannot make up my mind for the life of me. I was the girl who spent a solid 10 minutes debating between chocolate and vanilla, would decide to get a scoop of both, and would then spend another 5 minutes worrying if I had made the right choice. Needless to say, this life-altering decision of which iphone case to get has not been an easy one.

Lately, I have become very into Chevron patterned stuff, so at this exact moment, this one is my favorite:
Wait 5 minutes and that will probably change. As much as I love that one, I also really love these:
one of these things is not like the other- one of these things just doesn't belong
This is not like ice cream and I cannot just get one of each. I don't have an extra $200 lying around, and if I did, I would spend it on something more exciting than iphone cases so I really have to pick just one. What's a girl to do?

Which do you think I should get?


  1. Get the navy Greek key case!! Love all of your choices, but I like that one the most.

    Monogram Merchant ships so quickly and their customer service is top notch.

  2. I love the pink one!! I had the same problem with my Lilly case (and I WORK at Lilly, so I've had mine replaced a million times) and have been looking for a new one. I hope this one is better (and let me know if it is, because I will drop the money if they actually hold up!).

    good luck!!

  3. I don't think you can go wrong, but I really like the Navy one. I had been wanting a Lilly case for awhile, but now that I hear less than stellar reviews, I'll have to pass!

  4. I've had that pink case for about a month...I have started to notice the edges fading :(
    I recently ordered a navy Monogram case by Lipstick Shades and am not trilled. It's cute, but if I dropped my phone I don't think the case would do squat for the screen and it isn't protected all the way around. I like how the Lilly case has the bumper.
    Anyway, I say go for the Navy!

  5. Good heavens, you are making me glad I have my indestructible Otterbox right now. They are all so pretty thuogh.... I love/vote for the navy one!

  6. love the chevron!!! but i love the idea of navy, too. it will hide the daily wear and tear easier :)

  7. chevron for sure! love it, great choice! xoxo

  8. pink, for sure! :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I also have a LIMITED edition giclee print giveaway by the amazing Lark Calderon Gomez!

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