Sunday, August 7, 2011


I don't get it.

Allow me to backtrack here. As expected, lately I've become obsessed with my new Kindle. As soon as I got it, I spent a day editing my Amazon wishlist and converting all of the books I had asked for into e-books.

I noticed something I was not expecting, a lot of the hard copy books were actually cheaper than their e-book counterparts.

Case in point:
The 101 Most Influential People who Never Lived
one of my absolute favorite books
$5.58 for a paperback
$9.99 for the e-book

Summer at Tiffany
$5.20 for the paperback
$9.99 for the e-book

Last Night at Chateau Marmont
$9.68 for the paperback
$9.99 for the e-book

Heart of the Matter
$8.74 for the paperback
$9.99 for the e-book

Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
$5.60 for the paperback
$11.99 for the e-book

This leads me to make a couple of points:
1) Clearly I am a deeply intellectual reader.
2) It seems that for the most part, $9.99 seems to be the magic price point that publishers and bookstores agree on. What's so magical about this figure? I don't get it?
3) I. Don't. Get. It. Why do the paperbacks cost less? E-books don't have the same materials cost associated with them than paperbacks, so why the higher purchase price?

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  1. I have a Nook, and every single e-book I have bought has been cheaper than the paperback version so I really can't complain. How irritating though, digital should definitely be cheaper. Maybe you should pickup a Nook!

    xx Emily @

  2. I know! It's been driving me crazy too!

    BTW, I loved Summer at Tiffanys...Such a cute book & good quick read.

  3. I've noticed this too and I think it's beyond ridiculous. It makes me not want to use my Kindle.

  4. Why would they be more expensive online? I would have to say for those, I would just buy them. Better yet, we go to the library a lot!!! xxxoo

  5. Because The Kindle is new technology and technology is always more expensive. That and... the books are probably sold by random people just looking to get rid of them? Or are those the amazon prices? Either way, I'm a library girl... except for books that are SO GOOD I just might actually read them again. I'd be pretty frustrated if I were you, though... That's pretty ridiculous...

  6. Thanks for giving me another reason not to make the jump to the Kindle or Nook. I actually am one of those nerds who LOVE the feel of a real book in her hands. I think this is probably the last "technology" that I will embrace. Maybe the price is higher for the electronic versions of the books because the demand is high? :-) XOXO