Monday, August 29, 2011

10 things

1. When I hear people talking about Buffett, I automatically think Jimmy, not Warren.
2. I am a lip balm fanatic. I have about 5-10 different ones in my purse at any given time. Sometimes more.
3. I cannot wrap gifts for the life of me. It seems that the more effort I put into it, the worse they look. I can wrap a box and it will look like I wrapped a teddy bear because it will come out all lumpy. If I ever give you a beautifully wrapped gift, assume that I paid someone to do it for me.
4. I wish that Gilmore Girls was still on tv.
5. I'm lost without my iphone.
6. I am a chronic listmaker. I make lists for everything- thing to cook, chores to do, cards to write, things to pack, and you know, lists to make.
7. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get into Sudoku.
8. If I could eat sushi every day, I would. (Secretly hoping TLS gets stationed in Japan for this reason.)
9. I always have a candle or Scentsy bar burning in my house at any given time. But I don't like food-y scents. I love to bake. If I want my house to smell like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, I'm going to bake chocolate chip cookies, not burn a candle.
10. I never leave the house without pearls. If I'm awake, I'm wearing pearls. That's all there is to it.


  1. I think Jimmy too and I DVR Gilmore Girls and watch it daily...still wondering whatever happened between Luke and Lorelai and where Rory ended up!

  2. haha omg i love Gilmore Girls and I def cant get into Sudoku even though my sis is a HUGE fan of it!

  3. my aunt took over 30 lip glosses when she went to australia!! i thought it was a little excessive haha. I was really into sudoku right when it came out...maybe like 5 years ago. Cant tell you the last time i touched one

  4. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. i didn't watch it when it was on but I have been watching through Netflix wondering why I wasn't watching sooner!

  5. I cannot gift wrap either!!! I have had my mom attempt to teach me her secrets so many times, and mine just doesn't look the same...ughhh I have to keep practicing!

  6. Wrapping is an art form for me. I love to wrap presents. Don't get sudoku either. At any given time I have a stash of lip balm, lip stick, and gloss in my bag. One time I counted 15... Excessive? Yes!

  7. I love that you sleep in pearls, haha. This was SO honest, I loved it! xo

  8. I have Gilmore Girls on DVD - in the states! Maybe when I get back next year, I'll bring it with and we can watch it =)

  9. Ha I hear Buffet and think of food :)

    Gilmore Girls is my secret guilty pleasure. I have them on DVD and watch as often as possible. I love Loreali and Rory's relationship...and I totally wish Rory would have ended up with Logan. What a horrible ending.