Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midweek Randoms and giveaway winner

*TLS reenlisted on Monday. I guess the Air Force owns us for 6 more years. (Someone please remind me to upload my pictures from his reenlistment and send them to his mother because I will forget.)
*My birthday is tomorrow. Was thinking of wearing a pretty Lilly dress that I got from the last Rue La La sale, but one tiny little problem with that- the dress is still not here. I ordered it 34 days ago. But who's counting? I hope it's not lost because it's a dress I've been wanting for a while. Le sigh. I hate the APO sometimes.
*For once, our living in Germany has paid off on the movie front- rather than being last to see a movie, Harry Potter was released here yesterday. TLS and I went to see it with a girl from his squadron after work and I absolutely loved it. A lot better than part 1 in my opinion.
*After flip flopping on them for a while, I've decided that I think I do want a Pandora bracelet after all. I have spent quite a bit of time lately on the site playing around with charms and designing a bracelet. It's fun. Does anyone have one? How many charms do you have on it? How often do you get new ones?
*Went to a Scentsy party at a friend's house over the weekend. I won a warmer and a bar. A friend who sells Scentsy gave us a few bars at our wedding and now we are officially converts!
*Was upstairs when I heard a loud crash coming from our office. Ran downstairs to see that our window (which has been closed for months) had been blown wide open by the wind and everything (including our printer) had flown off it onto the floor. It seriously scared me and I'm hoping that now we don't have to buy a new printer.
*Annoying downstairs neighbors were supposed to go on vacation for three weeks (!!!!!!) and asked us to feed their fish. We happily agreed and rather than giving us the keys to their house, they asked us to bring the tank to our apartment. The woman said it was a small tank. I'm not sure what she meant by small- it had a stand, a light, a plug, and the thing weighed a TON. No way was TLS getting that thing up the stairs. He asked if they could leave it in the apartment and I'd come down once a day to water it. The woman said she'd ask her husband and we have not heard from them since then. They were supposed to leave yesterday and this morning I heard shuffling downstairs and their door opening. I really hope they're still taking that vacation.
*Thank you to everyone who entered the Marley Lilly giveaway. The winner is:
Suburban Prep
please email me at whaleflipflops {@} gmail {.} com with your address, choice of hat and color, and monogram and I will pass that along to Marley Lilly.
*If you didn't win this one, stay tuned. I have a few more giveaways to share with you.


  1. I am hoping to get a Pandora bracelet as a push gift from the Hubby. I thought it as a good idea and reason to get one!

  2. I thank you so very much.
    What a great posting to read today.

    All the info has been forwarded to you.

  3. Happy Birthday to you dear! :)

  4. I have been thinking of a Pandora bracelet too.
    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Soo jealous about Harry Potter!!!! I'm dragging the baby when it's FINALLY on base...

  6. i LOVE my pandora bracelet! i have been slowly filling it up since about 2006, it still isn't full but i am very picky about my charms. i have both silver, gold, and color and think it is so pretty!