Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Musings

I realize it's been a while since my last blog post. I apologize for that. In between wedding stuff, packing, board member duties (I'm the treasurer for my spouses' association and the audit is coming up!), Passover, and volunteer work, I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and have not had much time to blog or catch up on blogs. Today is my first free day and guess what I am doing now. All of the running around did have its benefits- in between not having time to eat and not being able to eat my usual carby foods during Passover, I have managed to lose about 4 or 5 pounds last week. My goal is another 5 pounds this week, right before my big bachelorette weekend in Chicago. I am taking a cue from JGIWC's playbook and am on a no sweets week this week. (It's day 1 and my stomach is already crying for mercy in the form of a cupcake.)

*Arrived in NYC last night. One of the advantages of my fairly regular transatlantic flights is that it gave me Silver Medallion status on Delta. This came in handy yesterday when my Amsterdam-JFK flight was completely packed and as an "elite" I was able to board with the first class passengers. This gave me time to board the plane, stow my carryon Lilly tote, get myself situated, and go to the bathroom all before the mad rush that is general boarding. I always need to travel with a stuffed animal. Always. I will be 90 years old (G-d willing I live that long) and still have a stuffed bear in my suitcase. (My Nana snuggles with the stuffed puppy that I gave her after my grandpa passed every night. It's genetic.) This time around, I had my trusty stuffed Snoopy in my purse. I took him out of my purse and left him and said purse on my seat. (Beagle's gotta breathe.) I came back to my seat from the bathroom to find the crazy lady sitting next to me holding him. She kept on cradling him and playing with him and showing him to all of her friends saying "this is my new best friend." Umm excuse me? He's my best friend. Get your own. It was seriously disturbing and scary. I had to tell her "excuse me, that's mine" and then sit next to her for the next 8 hours. Not cool.

As a side note, she probably would have had better luck attempting to steal my Louis Vuitton than Snoopy.

*First thing my mom said to me when she saw me in the airport- "you look tired. Your undereye circles are huge." Awesome. Living here for a month is going to be a blast.

*I pretty much run on iced green tea and iced passion tea from Starbucks. Seriously. The "we proudly brew Starbucks" coffee shop on base has a punch card- for every 10 drinks you buy, you get one free. I have enough cards for about 6 or 7 free drinks in my wallet now. That's after using at least 4 of them. The people there know me by drink. When I get stressed or nauseous, I need an iced tea to make me feel better. I anticipated a lot of tea drinking during wedding month, so when Starbucks announced that the Trenta was coming for iced teas in May, it seemed like fate. Today, after my awesome workout, I went to Starbucks for the first of what I anticipated would be many trentas, only to have the girl behind the register look at me like I'm crazy and tell me "that's not coming out until July 12th." Oh. My. G-d. I swear all of the color drained from my face and I hadto keep it together and not start bawling in the middle of the Starbucks. (Nope. Not melodramatic at all folks.) I settled for a measly venti. It was half gone by the time I got home. (Starbucks is a whopping two blocks from my parents' house.)

*Am loving the new summer collection on Lilly Pulitzer. Loving. It was like a designer for the company went into my mind and knew exactly what I wanted from a print/dress and delivered. Kudos Lilly. Also, bonus points for having what in my opinion seems to be much better pricing points this collection.

Am obsessed with this dress.

*The next time someone asks me if I'm excited for my wedding, I'm going to reply with "no. Actually, I'm dreading it like the plague." Why do people always ask this? 

*When I got in to JFK yesterday, I asked the immigration officer to stamp a different page than the one she was going to so I could fill it up. I told her it was my goal to fill up all of my pages. Thankfully she thought it was funny and did that rather than say, taking me into a side room for a special "chat."

this brings me to my last point of this very wordy post

*Was originally going to change my last name after the wedding. Then TLS pointed out that when I do that, I will need to get a new passport. Pages 8-15 of my passport are completely filled up. That has taken a lot of mileage to accomplish. I don't want to have to start over from scratch. Am considering waiting until 2013 to change my last name legally (will go by Mrs. S. socially) because that's when my passport expires.

Y'all, I never said I don't have issues. (I like to call them quirks.)


  1. haha people asking me about the wedding was annoying. I don't know why anyone would ask if you are excited!? I use to tell people no it is just another day and I don't care. they quit asking me if I was excited haha They would ask how the planning is going =)

    I LOVE that dress -- it is so fun and summer-y =)

  2. I love your Starbucks story, I can completely relate!
    I also NEED that dress!

  3. i can't wait to change my name when i get married... but if i were you i would wait for the 2013, too. i would love to fill up my passport!

    i tried on the dress and it feels like it runs a bit small (or maybe my butt is growing. either/or). the colors are gorgeous, thought. i love the frogs!!

  4. Good news! When you change your name on your passport, you don't get a new one. They just print a line with your name change on one of the pages after you send in your passport with a copy of your marriage license....then you can keep filling it up!

    (or at least this was my experience 9 years ago!)

  5. Ummm soooo, the whole dreading your wedding thing? Been there, done that. It does pass, and it ends up being a great day! It's still annoying though...

    The name change/passport business - don't know the state laws for you, but if you don't do it within so much time of your wedding date, they might require you to appear in front of a judge, etc, blablabla to have the name change approved. Again, that could be a state difference, don't really remember the rules about it, though.

    TECHNICALLY, you don't have to have another ID besides the passport - as long as the name on your ticket & passport match. I did fly here like that with zero problems, but I also just sucked it up and paid to have it replaced with the married name for my traveling this summer because I'm paranoid... If it makes you feel any better, you WILL get to keep the old passport (they punch holes in it and put a stamp saying it's been replaced). So you don't lose all the pages in your book, but it also brings you no closer to actually filling up your passport. Just keep that rules stuff in mind, because it might be more of a hassle to wait than anything. Unfortunately.