Friday, April 22, 2011

One month

Oh my G-d. Exactly one month left to go. I am slowly starting to go a little crazy with all that I have left to do:

*Book plane tickets to NYC and to Chicago for my bachelorette party
*Make the deposit for the limo for our getaway car
*Order bridal party and parents' gifts
*Do seating arrangements
*Figure out wording for the programs
*Buy wedding bands
*Order favors
*Order yarmulkes for our male guests
*Have final dress fitting
*Figure out what I'm wearing to the rehearsal dinner
*Break my shoes in
*Buy items for out of town guest gift bags and put those together


Very much stressed out now.


  1. so excited for you! you're going to knock it all out of the park :) miss seeing posts from you, lady!

  2. You can DO it! :-) Enjoy every minute!

  3. Oh my word, time has flown by. I can't believe it's almost here!!!

    btw, what did you get his parents? i know what i'm getting mine, but i have no idea what to get his mother. i'm giving his father bourbon. it's his fave:)

  4. Hey, calm down, deep breaths... You're already living together - and in a foreign country, nonetheless - and that's the hard part! The rest of it is all fun and pretty/cute stuff, so don't let it stress you out!! Remember: Nothing can ruin the day unless you let it!

  5. Breathe! It's a wonderful time for you. Savor each moment.