Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Calling all ASAs

When I first found out that Vineyard Vines does custom tote bags, I immediately knew that I simply had to have an Alpha Sigma Alpha one. I contacted them about a year or so ago about creating a custom one for us, but it turned out to be too much of a hassle for me. I was disappointed but knew that one day I would own a tote.

My preppy sorority girl dreams were answered today when I logged onto facebook and saw this:
A member of our Theta Gamma chapter at Christopher Newport University is now my personal hero. I mean how perfect is this? I literally squealed with excitement. And immediately told TLS that I would be needing $60. Yes, that's right- this beauty is priced at $35 less than the Vineyard Vines Classic Totes go for on their website. Heaven.

I cannot wait until the day when this wonder arrives in my mailbox.

I figured I cannot possibly be the only one of us out there who has been wishing and hoping for such a tote, so I am posting on here to see if any one else wants a tote as well. Email me and I will let you know about how to order from the girls.



  1. I want a Zeta tote! Do they have more sororities? Send me links!!!!

  2. That's pretty cool! I am not part of a sorority, but I love the Boston Red Sox tote, (I know your a Yankees fan, can you forgive me?)

  3. That's so fantastic! Maybe I'll buy a new VV tote :) Love the name of your blog :) Hope you can follow me as well!

  4. so cute!!! love me some VV!

  5. i went through this process with my high school two years ago and we did the custom bags as our alumnae project -- definitely a good bit of legwork, but so worth it!!
    my bag is sitting at my feet under my desk as we speak!
    the best part is definitely the price! we charged a bit more for ours, because we were putting the money towards a scholarship; but definitely less than what VV charges!

  6. SO jealous! JD said no for now... maybe in a few months. I'm heartbroken because my sister has an Alpha Phi one and I have been eying it for over a year!

    You are going to be so happy when you get yours!! Love you hun!!

  7. Only $60 to pretend like I was actually in a sorority?! Sign me up!

  8. So cute! I've been looking for a Delta Zeta VV tote for at least a year, no joke. Xoxo,


  9. I'm in the Epsilon Gamma chapter of ASA at VCU and we all just got ours! They're amazing!