Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

This post is technically on Thursday, but it's still Wednesday in the United States, so I guess it counts, right? This post is dedicated to the traditional items that a bride carries with her on her wedding day.

Something Old: to represent the bride's ties with her past and her family.
I had been planning on wearing an ASA pin under my dress for quite some time. I only have the plain badge and love the pearl one, so a while back, I had posted on facebook asking if any married ASAs had a pearl badge that I could borrow for my wedding. That got put on the backburner until last week when TLS came home with a package for me from one of my sorority sisters, MPJ. Inside it was a 1lb. bag of Twizzlers (I am seriously obsessed with the Strawberry Twizzlers) and a round box. Inside it was a gorgeous pin on a cushion.
The card that came with it said "why borrow when you can have something old? Consider it an early wedding present." I was beyond stunned and elated. To be perfectly honest, I still am a little. It is absolutely gorgeous and words cannot fully describe how much I love it. 

Something New: for good luck and prosperity for the bride in her married life.
In between my dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, etc. I will have plenty of new things on me that day, but I am obviously not posting a picture of my dress on here until after the big day. Instead, here is a picture of the chiffon flowers I will be wearing that day.

Something Borrowed: from a happily married friend or relative so that her good marital luck may be passed on to the bride.
To be determined. Any ideas?

Something Blue: from the ancient days when blue was said to symbolize faithfulness, purity, and loyalty. 
I know that most brides use the garter as their "something blue" but I am still not sure if we are doing the garter toss or not. Most of my married friends have done it, but I am not sure as to why exactly my Nana needs to see my new husband with his head up my skirt. Instead, I am leaning more towards these:
I love Hanky Panky.

Silver Sixpence in her Shoe: for wealth and financial security.
This is the one that not as many people know about or use (probably because the sixpence is no longer used/made in England), but I got engaged in England, so obviously I was getting a sixpence in my shoe! TLS got me one before he moved. I lent it to his brother's wife and a sorority sister for their weddings.


  1. So precious!! I have never heard of the last one but i love it!! So adorable to wear your sorority pin!! I guess that's something I'll have to keep in mind many years down the road!!!

  2. ha love the underwear. We are NOT doing the garter toss. i hateit!

  3. When I joined ASA I remember thinking about how much things were costing, so I went with the plain pin. Looking back now, I wish that I had gotten one of the more fancy pins. That is so wonderful that you got that :)

  4. That pin is so sweet! What a lovely gift! :-) I love your flowers too!

  5. That badge is absolutely gorgeous! I plan to wear my pin under my dress on my wedding day and am so excited at the idea of having my sisters with me the day I'm married.

  6. Such a fabulous post!! I carried my mothers hanke with a blue J on it. I am so glad I did this because, my mom passed about 8 years ago 4 years after we had gotten married. Now I have this fabulous Memory of my mom her hanke and myself so close on my wedding day. I love this because when Miss J gets married she can carry it too.

  7. LOVE the chiffon flowers -- i'm looking for something similar. may i ask where you got them from?

  8. Love the ideas. For my borrowed, I borrowed a chain from my MOH, who was not married so I hope that was still good luck! As far as the garter goes, David's Bridal sells cute ones for the different branches of the military. I kept that one though and had a "something old" from my brother's at the time fiancee from her previous attempt down the aisle that we tossed. It also was blue. But KR didn't get the put his head up my dress in front of everybody, I felt the same as you. I simply hiked the garter just above my knee and he used his hands. Not quite so embarrassing. Although, with enough alcohol, it wouldn't matter to anyone, anyways!

  9. SO gorgeous!!! such a sweet friend to send you such a lovely gift!
    i do NOT like the whole garter/bouquet thing for two reasons... 1. why does my gram need to see the future little mr.'s head up my dres??? not appropriate. 2. why line up all my single girlfriends who are waiting to be engaged or who are still looking for mr. right and then throw something at them? i hate doing it myself and i HIGHLY doubt that i will be having it at my wedding!

  10. So sweet, gotta love all those ASA's! I got my sixpence from Hubby's Grandmother, since he is British we needed to have a real one!

  11. I never knew the symbolism of each of these before! Now I need to start thinking about mine!

  12. What a wonderful surprise to receive the gorgeous badge in the mail! I love the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition. My mom has a sapphire pin that she's said I can wear when I get married since I was very young. I can't wait to borrow it for the day someday! :)

  13. Love your pin. That was so sweet of your sorority sister!

    My shoes were my something blue! I loved the idea of doing something different and they didn't show very much under my dress. They look so cute in my bridal pictures, though.

    I didn't know the something borrowed was supposed to be from a happily married person! I borrowed a bobby pin from one of my bridesmaids because I forgot to plan for something ahead of time! She stuck it in a place she could find it and she ran out as we were getting into our getaway car and took it back :-)