Monday, September 20, 2010

one preppy beagle

It  is no secret that TLS and I have a huge soft spot in our hearts for Snoopy. Huge. There is a little corner of our office that is full of tiny little Snoopys and various Snoopy cards. The other day, when TLS caught me reading True Prep with Snoopy in my arms, I made the comment to him that Snoopy is a very preppy beagle. Case in point:

*He has been wearing the same collar since 1950.
*He likes pretty girls.
*He would not be caught dead in the kitchen and prefers to have his food brought out to him.
*He would never be caught dead in a clip on, and knows how to perfectly tie a bow tie.
*There is nothing in this world that he enjoys more than eating and drinking.

Little did I know just how preppy Snoopy truly is.

This year, marks the 60th anniversary of the Peanuts gang, and needless to say, plenty of companies have been lining up to make commemorative items for the occasion. (Some of you may remember pictures from last year's fashion week in Japan where designers created outfits for Snoopy and his sister Belle.) After a night of googling on my couch, it has been discovered that brands like Lacoste are helping Snoopy celebrate in style. Coming in October, Lacoste will come out with four limited edition men's polos that combine the classic alligator with the Peanuts gang:
Umm yes, that IS the Lacoste alligator residing in Snoopy's doghouse.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what TLS is getting for Hannukah this year?
A dog may be man's best friend, but little yellow birds are dog's best friend.

Perhaps Charlie Brown's team could have had a better season if they had an alligator playing shortstop?

And my LUST item:
Bottom row- a SNOOPY LONGCHAMP TOTE! (Please excuse the all caps, I was just that excited for it.) This is the very top of my Hannukah wishlist.

Now for the downside, it looks like both the Lacostes and the Longchamp will only be available at Dover Street Market in England. Thank goodness I live in Europe and we can take a day or a weekend trip there.

ETA: I have no clue as to how much either of these things will cost and have not been able to find the information anywhere, but my best guess is not cheap.


  1. omg I must have the long champ!!!!!
    a couple of polos would be nice. but i must have long champ how much????

  2. That is the cutest longchamp ever!!!!

  3. Oh I just love this! I call my fiance "Snoopy" as a nickname (no idea why, it just popped in my head one day) so I'll have to get him one of these!

  4. Adorable post! My hubby adores Snoopy too!

  5. My dad gave my cousin a snoopy when she was 2 and shes had it ever since. Her new hubbys nick name is charlie brown. They had a charlie brown cake at their rehearsal dinner. Made me think of you.