Monday, September 20, 2010

How Bazaar

Every year in the fall, the Officers Spouses' Club hosts a bazaar on base. This is without a doubt one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) event of the year here. This year, the bazaar ran from Thursday-Sunday. There were 2 airplane hangars (!!!) and a large white tent full of vendors, and a row of tents of food vendors along the flightline. Each squadron or organization on base can apply to be a food vendor and every year, my spouses' association has a lemonade tent at the bazaar where we make lemonade and sweet tea. I volunteered at the tent most of the day on Thursday, and went to the bazaar with TLS and one of our friends on Sunday. (Thursday during the bazaar, while I was in the lemonade tent, a plane was flying directly overhead. I instinctively covered my ears while everyone else just continued talking like there wasn't a huge jet flying right above us. They all laughed at me and said "newbie.")

There were vendors selling everything from gummy bears to furniture and fine antiques there. As much as I wanted this, a $625 wine rack was not in the cards for me. Lest you fear for my lack of shopping, let me assure you that we did not walk away empty handed.

Pictured: bottle of chocolate liquer (delicious!), blue and white Star of David porcelain ornament, wooden penguin ornament, Italian stationery portfolio, Stroopwafels, three homemade soaps (seaweed, lotus flower, and coconut), masquerade mask, foldable pink and green Reisenthel mini shopping bag, set of crystal Nachtmann candlesticks (I'm not 100% sure of this but I've been told that they either own Riedel glassware or they are owned by Riedel).

For those of you who are questioning the mask, this year for my spouses' association, the theme of our holiday party is a Masquerade Ball so I saw the mask, it was a great price, and went for it. I have no clue what I'm wearing to the party yet, but thankfully, the mask is a great neutral that will go with just about any dress.

I did not want to open the Reisenthel mini tote but here is a picture of the one I got.

There was also some caramel fudge and gummy bears that did not make the picture. Also, I got a few items as gifts for friends and fellow bloggers as well as items for my gift closet that are not pictured.


  1. Love the 'newbie' behavior, we would all be doing the same thing. And the Reisenthel bag is darling, we have long talked about carrying some of their things.

    Hope you are feeling better Miss Masha,

  2. can't wait to read what you decide to wear to the masquerade. that mask is sure to be a great addition!!

  3. Loved the bazaars on base when I was much fun!

  4. yum! These are such fun and exciting things you are getting to experience!!! xxxooo

  5. Thanks for sharing your purchases--how fun.