Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Thank you to everyone who voted for our save the dates. The New York City one was the clear winner. That was the one that TLS picked out, so he's mighty pleased with himself. Last week, I received a wonderful care package of wedding magazines from my dear friend LNG and for the past week or so, I have done nothing but have wedding brain. I have decided to jump on the Wedding Wednesday bandwagon and share some of what I've been obsessing over this week with all of you.

Anyone who knows me, knows that shoes are super important to me and to my well being. I spend roughly the GDP of a small country on shoes. My wedding shoes are no exception. I have been oohing and aahing over these babies and want them to be a part of my big day.
Manolo Blahnik Rhinestone Buckle D'Orsay Pumps, $715 at Neiman Marcus.
Yes I realize that these are not at all cheap but I love them. And my dress was way below budget. Plus I figure if I get them in the gold metallic instead of a satin, I can definitely wear them again to a party or a military ball.
The Cole Haan Ceci Air Low Sling and Ceci Air Ruched Sandal ($200 and $250, respectively) are my more budget conscious choices.
As far as favors go, my belief is that wedding favors should always be edible. No matter how great or cutesy of a wedding favor you find, there will always be more than a handful of guests who do not like or want theirs and will inevitably leave them on the table. If you get edibles, someone will not mind taking an extra favor so you're not left with 20 useless silver-plated things. Plus if the favors are truly delicious, there will be no favors left behind!
Right now, these are my top contestants for favors:
1) Ordering Chinese Takeout Containers in our colors ($0.85 at Beaucoup) and setting up a candy station in fancy glass jars.
I could buy pink, green, and blue candy in bulk from Economy Candy in the Lower East Side, and guests could pick out exactly what they wanted. This would be fun, colorful, and would insure that everyone got exactly what they wanted.
2) Mini tea tins ($3.08 each total from Beaucoup).
How cute are these little tins? They come in your choice of green or jasmine tea, and it is no secret that TLS and I are big tea drinkers!
3) Cookies from Ruby et Violette
This is one of my favorite New York City bakeries. (Some readers may remember when I wrote about them in this post.) They are absolutely amazing and one of my go-to gifts. (I sent TLS some as a "welcome to Germany gift" and recently to my dear friend JPS as a comfort food care package when her mother passed away.) I would package them in glassine envelopes from the Knot with a cute ribbon or personalized sticker with our new monogram and date.
This one will require more assembly, so that's where the bridal party comes in! (KMH, be prepared to hang out in my hotel room assembling these if we decide to go with this. Yes, we will order extras so we can nosh while putting favors together.)
4) Macarons from Bouchon Bakery
TLS and I both love macarons and I think there would be nothing sweeter and more darling than pink and green macarons at every place setting. (If any guests do not take theirs, I will be more than happy to eat them myself!)

I will leave you all with a question- what were your favorite and least favorite wedding favors that you have received?


  1. Favorite-edible gifts (candy table, cookie table, candied almonds, chocolates) and generic luggage tags which had our name inserted for the place setting

    Didn't like-picture frames, candles, decorative plate that went under plate food was served on (most of us didn't even realize it was a favor until MOB came around to tell us)

  2. Go with the Candy station that adds a fun element to the ceremony and is interactive - also go with the Ceci Air Ruched Sandal love those Manolos but they are getting played out as wedding shoes, save yourself 500$ ya know? xo

  3. Mercy....those shoes!! (((GASP))) B E A U T I F U L
    If you have a set amount for dress/shoes and can make it work, I say got for it!! Although they are all really pretty. But then again, the Cole Haan may be the way to go for comfort.

    I am just so excited for you!!!


  4. I agree that the favors should be edible. I don't really like something that I have to keep. It usually ends up trashed and someone spent money on it! We had M&M's at each place setting in our colors and then handed out mints as a favor also. I hated spending money on something that most people really don't care to have anyway! The last wedding I went to they had shot glasses with their names & date on them. I don't think they were even usable because they had something in the bottom of them. I think any of your choices would be great!

  5. Love, love, love the shoes!! It IS your wedding day after all, and they can definitely be worn again many times. GO FOR IT :)

    I adore the idea of a candy station at a wedding. I saw it on someone's blog recently and realized that is what I want to do too!

  6. We did a candy bar and a photo booth. Guests took photos in the booth and took a copy of the pictures home. It printed out two and the other photos were placed in our guest book and the guests signed next to their photos. WE LOVE having all the pictures in the guest book and our friends still have their photos hanging around their house two years later.

  7. i always love the "candy bar" option -- that way people can pick their own!!

  8. The girl who was sitting next to me at the wedding on Saturday had just gotten married on the 4th. She got those Manolo's to be married in and she was wearing them at this wedding. She said she was more excited to be able to wear her shoes again then the actual wedding!

  9. Food is always the best option for favors. As for shoes just make sure you can have them on for like 12 hours comfort on the wedding day is most important!

  10. BFF JILL here. I love all of these. I especially love eating the leftovers after every favor has been wraped. I'm a mean bow tier so I'm more than prepared to tie away!

    BTW the ultra-specific term is Apothecary jars when it comes to a candy station. Trust me on this. :)


  11. Those gold shoes are gorgeous! And I agree that edible favors are the best--I love the idea of a candy station.

  12. Girl, not to encourage you in any direction in all, but GET the Manolos!!!! To die for, and they are YOUR special day!

    We had a candy buffet at our wedding. It was a hit!

  13. I had the Manolos for my wedding and I adore them and wear them for practically every other wedding we go to!!

  14. Love, love, love the candy bar! I will be posting pics of my candy bar from our wedding soon! The guests loved it, and we had monogrammed stickers made to place on clear plastic mini-totes. It was a huge hit! Our planner ordered everything from Candy Warehouse online - they were wonderful to work with!

  15. I vote pink and green French macarons!! So elegant with a touch of preppy!

  16. We had cotton candy and a photo booth! People got in the booth and it was their picture printed with our names and wedding date! On the bags of cotton candy...cute little ones not the ones from the fair...we had circle stickers with "How Sweet it is to be loved by you" circling the edge and Lisa & Karl and the date in the middle!!