Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Newest Obsession

It is no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth. I love sweets of just about any kind, but have always had a strong soft spot in my heart (mouth?) for caramels. When TLS and I were in Strasbourg, France over the 4th of July, we saw a brightly colored sweets shop that spoke to me. The shop in question is called La Cure Gourmande.
There are a few shops around Europe (I am ashamed to say that I did not see/go into any of them when I was in Paris) and they are easily discernible by their bright, mustard yellow doors/facades. The inside is even more colorful and gorgeous!

Just look at all of those mouth-watering biscuits!

La Cure Gourmande's best- known product- chocolate "olives."

La Cure Gourmande is known for its delicious chocolate covered almonds called "olives" but I am partial to its caramels which come in giant squares and are plain, with sea salt, nuts, dried fruits, or even a strip of nougat in the middle!

I am also a sucker for anything in gorgeous packaging or tins, and this store does not disappoint! Most of their items come ready for gift giving!
Our first trip to La Cure Gourmande was in Strasbourg where we loaded up on sucking candies in darling pink tins, nougat, caramels, and lollipops. The obsession grew exponentially and by the end, I was counting down to our trip to Brussels because it meant another stop at La Cure Gourmande. My last trip there I picked up a few chocolates that got eaten on the spot, more caramels, some caramels as thank you/care package gifts for a few bloggers, lollipops for the two of us, and a gorgeous lilac tin filled with raspberry biscuits that had preserves in the middle. Delicious. TLS has to remind me that there is a store an hour away from our house (in France) so that we (I) wouldn't go overboard in our (my) caramel pursuits.


  1. Gasp! This looks like heaven! Those biscuits look so yummy :)

  2. wow that looks SO amazing! xxxoo

  3. absoltely loooove that store, and I'm not even that big of a sweets person - but I become one in there!

  4. I cannot begin to imagine how heavenly that store must have smelled, your photos make it look awesome.

    Sending you a smile and a hug,

  5. Hubs and I discovered La Cure Gourmande on our honeymoon in Seville. We both have a huge sweet tooth and we definitely fell in love with all of their fabulous goodies right away!

  6. Oh my goodness, I would absolutely die and go to heaven if I were able to be in this place--so many amazing things!

    I found you via Friday Follow. Have a wonderful weekend!