Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lilly Sale Love

Like many of you, I too was frustrated by the website crash during the Lilly sale. It did not help matters any that because I'm overseas, when the website came back up in the U.S., it was still down for me. Naturally, a lot of items did sell out of my cart. Before you cry for me and my poor Lilly-less closet (haha) rest assured that I was able to snag some great items. (You can all breathe easy now.)

Halle Cable Sweater
 Chrissy Sweater
Sadly, fall has pretty much already started here in Germany, so I had to get some cute sweaters for the chilly/rainy weather we're having!

Chic Polo Embroidered
I haven't even been here that long, and already my whole spouses' association knows of my love of pink and green.

Murfee Scarf in Daiquiri Pink Grandscale Access
I love the Murfee scarves and have been wanting this one for a while, but I could never justify the price tag since I got so many great scarves for so little in Turkey, but the price on this made it difficult to say no to.

I really really really wanted the Originals Tote in Stuffed Shells and I regretted not buying it in the store. I was over the moon excited when I saw that it was on the sale site.
Naturally, Murphy's Law fell into play here, and the bag sold out of my cart. Sniff. I went with my second choice instead- the Originals Tote in Frisky Business.
Very cute and very me but I am still sad over my lack of a Stuffed Shells tote. If anyone reading this bought the Stuffed Shells tote and regrets it, please let me know, I will gladly buy it off you!

Spaghetti Strap McKim in Silver


  1. I'm so grateful to get the things I did, but now I'm second guessing the sizing on Harper and the recut Cormick dresses. Guess I'll just wait to see how they fit once they arrive.

    Hope someone has a tote for you!


  2. LOVING that scarf and those sweaters! Great picks :) So glad you were able to pick up some great pieces!

  3. Looks like you still walked away great!!

    YAY YOU....those scarves are to die for....LOVE!! I kept looking at them and believe it or not, didn't buy ONE thing!

  4. I officially want my first piece of Lilly now. The Murfee scarf, ASAP. Sigh. Love your finds!

  5. I have the Chrissy sweater in every color imagineable. I LOVE IT! It's the perfect weight!

  6. Wow! You really racked up :) I kept crashing over and over and finally gave up. Silly me!

  7. I missed the sale. Love the items you scored! I want a Murfee scarf in the worst way.

  8. Wow, you did great!!! Love all your picks, especially the Murfee Scarf. My order never made it through.

  9. You scored some great stuff, lady! I kept following the drama on twitter with the crashing, I was getting so nervous for everyone, lol.

    Happy to be your newest follower!

    Have a great weekend :)


  10. Wow you really stocked up, I love both the cableknits, will be perfect for fall!