Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I miss

*The Shake Shack
*Wedding magazines
*Reality TV (I am going through Say Yes to the Dress withdrawal and every time I see tweets/facebook updates about RHoNJ it makes me choke up a little still)
*Trader Joe's
*Being able to get my mail in a timely manner (I still have not received several of my birthday gifts)
*Being able to text my friends all day (I have the cellphone from hell that cost a small mountain of money but won't actually let me do anything with it)
*Shopping- I want to be able to walk into a store and see the things I like and not have it turn into a whole big thing of calling the company, asking if they ship to APO addresses, ordering, hoping it fits, getting it 2 weeks later, etc. It's one thing to do it for things like clothes, but when buying thank you cards turns into a two day ordeal, it really just sucks.
*Target- (I am obsessed with their xhilaration brand socks, they are the short kind that I like, only cost $1, and come in really cute, preppy patterns. I have a lot of argyles and polka dots, and it was my thing to always buy socks when I went in there. It sounds random, but those made me happy a little, and they don't sell them online.)
*Lilly Pulitzer
*Not feeling like such a misfit- I am pretty much the only girl on base without a baby or a tattoo, and it shows. I stick out. I don't think I'll ever truly fit in here.


  1. I am overseas too, and have neither a baby or a tattoo. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Hang in there.

  2. awww. I think its really hard to let go of these things. But know that you have someone next to you that loves you, and you can always go home!! xxxooo

  3. I think the reason you don't fit in is great! Be you love

  4. aw that would totally suck. But I'm sure it'll get easier. You still have the internet and I'm sure indoor plumbing so it could be worse.

  5. aw that would totally suck. But I'm sure it'll get easier. You still have the internet and I'm sure indoor plumbing so it could be worse.

  6. Hang in there...everything takes a little getting used too...

  7. Moving to a new place is always hard - especially overseas. Just try to take advantage of all the great things! Easy travel around Europe, new adventures, etc. Be thankful that your husband is there with you to experience it all. Try not to think of yourself as so different from the wives on post - everyone is out of their element when overseas. Try to form connections, not put up barriers. And when it doubt, well, you can always go home.

  8. Also - you might want to read this. It is a good perspective about what it means to be a military wife!


  9. you super need to get a hold of my friend Danielle. shes only 22 but no babies or tattoos. Ill DM you her address via twitter. drop her a note in her apo mail box :)

    & I can arrange to ship you some of those cute target sox

  10. I've followed your blog and Twitter for awhile and I think this move was so brave of you. Give it time, I know you'll make friends, you're a very sweet girl.

  11. oh it's so hard to be the "odd one out" especially when at home you are just one of the many!!
    have you ever read "future homemakers of america"? it's about women who come to terms with life and marriage and love and loss while living overseas on a military base during wwii. i'd highly recommend it, if you could get your hands on a copy.
    also, my godmother was a military wife for many years (70s, 80s, 90s) and she said she never truly "fit in," but made her mark as being the "go to" person for baking things... she's an excellent baker. maybe this could be your "in"?? i think you're already on the right track with sunday cookie baking!!

  12. chin up, you never know who you're going to meet around the corner. i know its hard but it is such a unique experience you're having!

  13. call my friend Kendra! She doesn't have a baby...not sure about the tattoo! You are not alone!

  14. Moving can be so hard, but you have to look at each day as a new day! My mother was a military wife and she LOVED her experience. You meet so many people and can learn so much from them. They were also in Germany and took advantage of their time there to travel all over Europe! Few family gatherings go by without stories of all their amazing journies and experiences!!

  15. Keep your chin up. You will make your mark and friends in time. It can be hard, but not impossible.