Friday, August 6, 2010

Fall for Lilly!

Like many of you, I have fall head over heels in love with Lilly Pulitzer's fall collection and have a wishlist a mile long. A fact that makes TLS just sooooooooooo happy. Here are the pieces that I just cannot stop drooling over. (You will notice it is mainly dresses. I am not a skirt person at all and currently have two skirts- one Lilly and one Vineyard Vines hanging in my closet. I will take a cute, great-fitting dress any day.)

Adalie Dress Printed, $148
In my opinion, few things are more flattering or versatile than wrap dresses. I love them and am constantly buying more. Currently, I have 2 Lilly and about 4 or 5 Diane Von Furstenberg ones. I love them so much. You really can wear a wrap just about anywhere.

Jonah Dress, $168
This was hands-down my favorite dress from last fall's collection and I am so glad that Lilly decided to bring it back. I don't think I can even count the number of occasions I've worn my Jonah to. It is insanely stylish and comfortable. I will be getting it in both patterns.

Sadie Dress Printed, $148

Blayney Dress Ruffle, $278
I love the ruffles on this one and the fact that if can be dressed up or down. Considering that I am still unemployed and it costs $278, this one will not be coming home with me, but it was too cute to not include.

Sabine Shirt Dress Printed, $168
The Sabine is another one of my wardrobe staples. I just ordered a third one from Rue La La. It is so incredibly versatile and I have worn mine everywhere. The colors of this dress are so similar to one of last year's Sabines, that it makes me a little unsure, but it is such a great dress nonetheless that I may end up buying it.

Vivi Top Printed, $128
Much like the above-mentioned Sabine, I already have this top in a very similar print which, at this point, makes it a maybe. But it is just so cute and comfortable...

Alcott Argyle Cardigan, $148
Navy. Pink. White. Argyle. 'Nuff said.


  1. LOVE it all! Thanks for posting! I can't get enough of seeing Lilly's Fall line. :)

  2. Loving the fall collection at well. That argyle sweater is top of my list. I also love the sweater that comes in Jewel Green, it is such an amazing color!

  3. Love the fall line and I love wrap dresses too!!! So easy and flattering!

  4. Adorable! All of it! Sigh :)

  5. Not usually a huge Lilly fan but I love that Jonah dress...thanks for posting this xo

  6. Love it all!

    And you just won my first blog giveaway!!

  7. I love every singe dress, but the first is my fave!

    Here as your newest follower from the Friday Follows. Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  8. So cute! I wish I could spend more money, student teaching starts soon and I will be BROKE!

  9. That grey dress is super cute! Love it:-)

  10. A word of caution with this fall's Lilly collection - a lot of the pieces do not run true to size. Some of them aren't even close. For example, I'm an XS in the Blayney... and all of my other Lilly pieces are size 8-10!

    I know you're living abroad and probably don't have a choice other than to order without trying anything on, but maybe you can ask a friend to try things on for you and see how they fit?

  11. I love the argyle sweater! Found you through the Blog Hop!