Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Etsy Love

I have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. I love so many things on there, but 1) I hate having to sift through pages and pages of things I do not like to find the gems, and 2) my wallet hates that I love it all. Since moving to Germany, my Etsy obsession has only increased exponentially since most sellers ship via USPS Priority Mail which means that shipping to APO addresses is never an issue!

Here are my most recent purchases:
Ophelia Ivory Chiffon Flowers from Amie Noel Designs.

I tried on an almost identical pair at Kleinfeld the day I bought my dress to see a completed look. However, they were $350 (not including sales tax) and while I am ok with paying around $800 for my wedding shoes or several thousand for my dress, I am not ok with paying a couple hundred dollars for chiffon flowers. Since that day, I have been searching for a similar hair accessory with a dissimilar price tag. When I found this one, I knew it was the one! It came a few days ago and looks absolutely wonderful in person. At $45 shipped, it also does not break the bank!

Snoopy Notecard Set- $5.50 from DebraTA Crafts
Snoopy + stationery= perfect!

Merci Beaucoup Letterpress Cards $14 from SmockPaper.
I ordered these on a day when I realized that I had run out of thank you cards. The picture does not do these cards justice. They are stunning.

And now, my ever growing wish list:
Wedding Monogram Handkerchief- $17 from jfybride

Sweet and Simple Bow Earrings- $18 from LittleMandCo
Pink and Brown Grosgrain Bow Headband- $8.00 from A&J Accessories
Monogrammed Pink Toile Bucket- $26.00 from The Butterbean Tent

My bathroom is white, pink, and green and I want to keep this in my bathroom to add some more color to it and to keep all the little things that keep a bathroom looking untidy and disorganized out of plain sight.

Small Pebble Bowl with Blue Interior- $18 from kimwestad
Perfect to use in the living room or hallway as a catchall for keys, loose change, and other odds and ends.

Dupioni Silk Card Box- $55 from SheaChicDesigns
While I realize that my wedding is a bit far off for me to be worrying about what the card box will look like, I cannot stand the craft store looking card boxes that seem to be so prevalent at so many of the elegant weddings I've been invited to. The other option seems to be something super expensive. This box strikes a happy medium and in my opinion is just gorgeous. I would get this box in navy instead of the brown, keeping the white and pink bands the same. After the wedding it would be used to store stationery and cards that I receive.


  1. I love etsy!!! Check out Tea Accessories. It is my friend Marcela and she makes the most adorable nautical headbands.

    PS Love the flowers!

  2. I love Etsy! Oh my word. It's a black hole that just sucks you in. I could browse for hours!!

  3. i was so surprised to see your love'hate etsy tweet the other day... but this does explain it!!
    i have an etsy giveaway coming up soon, stay tuned!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE etsy and get lost nearly every day. I can't even wade thorugh my favorites anymore there are so many.

  5. I love your Etsy Love! :-) And the chiffon flowers are just beautiful!

  6. Those flowers are so beautiful!! And I'm dying over those earrings...looks like I'm going to have to go over to Etsy right now and do some digging :)

  7. I too have a love/hate relationship with Etsy, great stuff but you gotta dig

  8. Those Merci Beaucoup cards are gorgeous! It's a good thing I'm so broke right now or else I'd be on Etsy all day long :)

  9. Yeah etsy is great. I feel less guilty buying from there bc you know you're helping a real person not a big corp.

  10. Love these items! Especially the hair flowers and the bow earrings!

  11. I love the hair accessory! It's beautiful.

  12. Great post about Etsy! Thank you for including my headband!