Monday, August 16, 2010

Brussels Flower Carpet!

I have to print a retraction to my previous entry. I had written that the carpet has been going on since 1976, and I later found out that it has been held since at least 1970.

I had an amazing weekend with TLS finally seeing the carpet. TLS who hates crowds and driving in traffic greatly appreciated my desire to drive in traffic to a crowd, but even he had fun! The carpet was absolutely magnificent and I am so glad that I was lucky enough to finally see it. Each year's carpet has a theme. Previous themes have included Belgian lace, the Middle Ages, and the anniversary of Belgium's independence. This year's carpet celebrated Belgium's presidency of the European Union.

Here are some of my pictures of the carpet:

TLS did say that he was a bit disappointed because of the amount of grass that was used, he felt that it was sort of cheating. If you look at previous years' carpets, there definitely is a lot less grass in them. The artist who designed this was only 23 years old so my guess is this was his first attempt. Grass or not, I had a fantastic time, and we are already planning to go back in 2012 and 2014!


  1. That is so beautiful!! Even if they did use too much grass...

  2. Really amazing, I would love to see this one day!

  3. this is just too amazing!! lucky girl! xxxoo

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Can you imagine designing such a thing at 23? Wow.

  5. It looks absolutely gorgeous! It must have been so impressive in-person.