Friday, July 30, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

I had originally intended for today's post to be devoted to the many items I want from the Lilly Pulitzer fall collection. However, after last night's unfortunate incident, my self esteem was pretty much shot. Inspired by How I Met Your Father, I decided I needed some therapeutic shopping and decided to go to the Tiffany & Co. site since nothing bad can happen to you at Tiffany. Therefore, I have chosen to devote today's post to things that I decided I want from Tiffany during my 1:43am window shopping spree.

Mini Bow Necklace, $115
Airplane Charm, $125
Pretzel Charm, $150
I am generally not a big fan of the Tiffany charms collection, but for obvious reasons, I need that plane and pretzel.

Knot Earrings, $150

I received these earrings as a graduation gift in high school, but unfortunately, they did not survive the many trips back and forth between school and home and became a casualty. I loved them and would very much like to see them get replaced.

Bean Earrings, $175

I received a Bean necklace as a gift when I got my American citizenship, and have been lusting after these for as long as I can remember.


  1. So sorry about what happened to you yesterday, you really do need to call or stop by and speak with the manager. As for your shopping spree, I love the airplane charm and need to get it for my daughter. She has athing for airplanes...

  2. I LOVE these too! Have you seen the keys that Tiffany carries? My friend has one, and I really want one now. :)

  3. Clearly you should most definitely purchase one of those FINE prezzies for yourself to make you smile :) My mother always says "if it makes you smile, buy it". But then again, I would be living in my car if I followed that mantra.

    I hope you find some lovely things to smile about this weekend!

  4. I adore that mini bow! Adding it to my (ever-increasing) wish list now! Also, I agree with Sweet Southern Prep...the keys are wonderful!

  5. I just read your post about the rude sales woman - unbelievable! I'm so sorry that happened. I'd be shopping for jewelry, too! Hope you had a fun weekend to chase it all away.

  6. thanks for the shout!! i love love love the pretzel charm! so cute!