Thursday, June 17, 2010

need a favor

My bathroom in our new house is pretty much crying for this beauty:
One small problem: Garnet Hill only ships via UPS and says to expect to wait at least 4-6 for delivery to APO addresses. Grr. I do not want to wait that long at all. Especially since I know that 4-6 weeks really means more like 3-4 months. If any bloggers are willing to help a girl out, can I please order the bath rug (small one in Hibiscus Pink) to be sent to your house and have you send it via Priority Mail to my APO address? Please let me know! I would return the favor with lots of German chocolate!


  1. I'll do it:) You should have just emailed me!!!

  2. If you EVER need help with stuff like this, don't hesitate to ask. My email is :)


  3. Those are gorge! Now I want them and want to re do my whole bathroom around them....

    Thank you for your Birthday wishes, I got the card yesterday and it made my day!! xxxox nRk

  4. Can def help you out - and no chocolate necessary!! Used to do this for a friend lots! My email is!

  5. Dude I can't belive you even posted about where-can-I-have-stuff-shipped? BFF Jill's house is open for deliveries! :) xoxoxo