Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost there

I am moving in two weeks. My 27th birthday is in exactly a month. The closer that I get to the date on both of these, the more I start to freak out. I am nowhere near where I thought I would be by this time. Despite having donated several bags to the Salvation Army and selling quite a few things, I still have a ton of stuff I need to get through in my closet. A lot of my things are still not packed. (It will take me about 2 months to get my things in Germany. I can have up to 2 bags on the plane with me Right now I am trying to figure out what I will need for the first 2+ months I'm there and need to either mail it over to TLS and pray that the APO doesn't lose it or bring it over to my mother's house so the movers don't accidentally pack it.) Also, every year since 1999, my best friend GNB and I have done some sort of celebration for my birthday. It is our tradition to give the other one a small gift for her birthday and then take her out for dinner, brunch, show, spa, etc. This is going to be my first birthday without her. Kinda sucky.

I am trying to stay positive. Since I am in the mood/need for some retail therapy, I have started focusing on my birthday wishlist. (Thank you for all of your digital camera recommendations. It looks like the Canon Powershot is the most popular choice, so that is the one I will be going with.) Here's what I have so far.

Lilly Pulitzer Latte Da Mug in  Crabtastic
$14.50 at Preppy Princess (I want to have a full set of all the Lilly mugs and currently only have two. They are getting packed up which means I will not see them for a while. If I get this one for my birthday, at least I can have a fun colorful one with me the entire time!)

Snoopy Nesting Doll Set

$40 at Amazon. Growing up in the former Soviet Union, I've had a love of nesting dolls from an early age.

Baccarat Crystal King Snoopy Figurine
At $250 (Neiman Marcus), I don't exactly anticipate that people will be clamoring to get this little guy for me, but he is absolutely hysterical and still very classy and elegant and I don't care, I just want him.

Louis Vuitton Damiere Ebene Canvas Neverfull GM
Y'all can pretty much guess how thrilled TLS is that I asked for a $750 purse for my birthday.

A new pearl strand.
I want a pearl strand and studs set so that the colors match.

Tiffany & Co. Notes Alphabet Pendant


  1. awesome wishlist. i love the snoopy stuff!

  2. Your list looks great! But, you definetly sound stressed!! I never heard back from you about the giveaway Let me know!! joriazz@gmail.com

  3. Oohhh, I love.

    A similar bag is also on my birthday list. And of course a few things from Tiffany & Co. :) Is it too early to make a list for August? Well, is it too early that I made my list 2 months ago? :) haha

  4. Hi MRM! It's getting close now....remember to BREATHE. It will all work out. LOVE your birthday wishlist. Surely TLS will pony up for LV? :-) XOXO

  5. Yay! Love your wishlist!! I was just thinking yesterday about how I'm going to get your gift to you? Send it to TLS?
    Love the Lilly mug and the crystal snoopy - so fun!! Oh and of course the NF!! :)