Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swap Partners: Favorite Things Swap

Below is the list of partners for this swap. Please contact your partner for all pertinent info. Be sure to post pictures of what you get! :)

Me (whaleflipflops at gmail dot com)- WithaBigRedBow (withabigredbow at gmail dot com)
aeb (don't have an email address)- Jeannie (jeanfitz at eden dot rutgers dot edu)
Chani (chaniwiesman at gmail dot com)- Adrienne (adriennepomeroy at gmail dot com)
KMH (kristinmhuben at gmail dot com)- Paige (harrisonpaige88 at gmail dot com)
Holly (blondeonaboat at gmail dot com- sahahn (don't have email address)
ATLYankeeBelle (actressl2 at gmail dot com)- Miss Mal (don't have email address)
Lawfully Preppy (don't have email address)- Natalie (nataliecbrewster at gmail dot com)


  1. Hello to my swap partner! My email is:

    nataliecbrewster @

    Thank you!