Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lilly Warehouse Sale goodies

I had a fantastic time at the sale hanging out with Preppy Coastee and walked away with some wonderful finds at great prices. Here are pictures of them all. As a side note, I took them last night when I was feeling really sick and did not bother to make my bed, so please excuse the mess.

First up is this navy shift dress that I scored at the sample rack for $30! It is amazingly comfortable and looks great with a hot pink turtleneck underneath, and is one of the options for Thanksgiving dinner.

This next dress was a total steal. I got it off the sample rack for only $10! It does not even have a size label on it and has a few problems (the zipper sticks out a bit at the bottom) but it is overall a great dress at a price that I couldn't say no to! Again, this dress is amazingly comfortable.

I already own the Sabine shirtdress in one print, and was determined to get more! It is a wonderful versatile piece. I ended up going for it in this beige and white pinstripe pattern. This particular pattern was cut specifically for the warehouse sale so I was lucky to get one! Sadly, the picture does not do this one justice at all, and it looks wonderful on.

As many of my friends know, I am a huge fan of wrap dresses. I think that they are wonderfully flattering and versatile and own several Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses and one Lilly dress. I tried on the Burke wrap dress at the sale and knew I had to have it. At $89, it was by far my most expensive purchase, still a steal by Lilly standards, but it was well worth it.

This next top I picked up because I love the colors and the print and it will be a fun going out top, or can be worn under a jacket.

A close-up of the print:

One of my other wardrobe staples that I always tend to gravitate towards are long-sleeved v neck sweaters and tops. I have quite a few of them. This was another one to add to my growing pile.

This next sweater was one that I had originally wanted to get when it first came out, but by the time I made my way to a store, it was sold out, so when I saw it in my size at the sample rack for $50 (it's cashmere!), I felt like someone up there wanted me to shop. I'm wearing this elephant today.

Sadly, there weren't too many polo shirts at this sale, but I did manage to grab two for only $10 each!

Lastly, they had some cute accessories right by the cash registers. I am not sure if these were made specifically for the sale or not as I don't recall seeing them before, but at just $5 each, I snagged a purse mirror and a card case. The card case is perfect for going out when you don't want to fit a whole wallet in your purse as it can hold an id, a credit card, and a Metrocard. I was actually in the market for a purse mirror, so when I saw it, I once again took it as a blessing from the retail gods.


  1. Wow lady, you scored big! How fun!

  2. Reason #75421543251 I want to live in NYC: Warehouse Sales.
    OMG amazing finds! Love the elephant sweater and wrap dress especially!

  3. Love the elephant cashmere sweater. Also a huge DVF fan:)

  4. Adorable things and I looooove the little card holder for your purse!

    Is that the jumper you wore Monday for your prep outfit to work? It's so cute!!

  5. I've had the elephant sweater on my list forever. Lucky! Great finds