Thursday, November 19, 2009

all I want for Hannukah is

Hannukah is coming up so my mother asked me what I want. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that my mother getting me presents is always an ordeal. She always tries to guess what I want, and always fails miserably. This year, I am giving her a wish list and hoping that she actually picks something from the list. Fingers crossed. (Since I will be at the Lilly warehouse sale tomorrow, this is also serving as a premature favorite things post for tomorrow.)

I am pretty sure that I have posted this before, but I am dying for this pink leather jewelry box from Red Envelope ($179.99).

David Yurman Petite Albion Parasolite Ring from Saks ($590)

Some makeup brushes from Bobbi Brown. (Most of my brushes all need replacing.) The set pictured is the Basic Brush Collection for $175.

A pink Dell Inspiron mini 10v netbook (from $299).

A roll of 100 stamps. I go through stamps way too quickly.

There were a few other things that I remember wanting, but being the genius that I am, I of course did not write them down. Go me. If anything, I will end up creating a postscript to my wishlist.

What do you all want for Christmas/Hannukah/New Year/Kwanzaa/winter solstice/insert name of generic winter holiday here?

ETA: I finally remembered the other item on my wishlist- these pink flower earrings from KEP Designs, $55.


  1. my mom is the SAME way!! I love David Yurman, that ring is a classic, and also love Bobbi Brown brushes! My list is still in the works...

  2. i do like that ring! i am hoping for a fun pearl-y/bling-y bib or cluster necklace...and some new vineyard vines flops of course!

  3. I just put the LLBean birdseye sweater on my husband's credit card so I guess I am getting an early present! I also wanted the sony reader in hot pink! A T&co bracelette wouldnt hurt either!

  4. I love the stories about your mom's gift buying- nutcrackers, anyone?

    I hope you get just the perfect thing this year!

  5. I want that David Yurman ring too! Santa would tell me I am on crack if I ask for it!

  6. I love your wishlist! I hope you get everything!!!

  7. I think you'd love this blog BTW, sorry it took me a week or so to share: Its called "Epicute" - food almost too cute to eat. Features cupcakes a lot - LOZ

  8. Um, tell your Mum that I would like a pink jewelry box as well. ha! Those are all great things to put on a list. Hmmm, I might have to add a few to mine! I left you something on my blog love! I hope you have a fabulous weekend=)

  9. I love that ring. Mothers buying gifts always seem to cause problems. I give mine a wish list most years and still end up returning items.

  10. The BB brushes are amazing. I have a travel set that I hate saving for traveling they are so great.
    I got my gift early - a Kindle!! YAY!

  11. You sure found a lot of lovelies Miss Flip Flops, the jewelry case is beautiful! And the Bobbi brushes are excellent, we love ours and they last forever.

    May you feel healthyin the morning and may this week be kinder to you than last week!

    Hugsto you,