Friday, October 30, 2009

where my Yankees fans at?

It seems that no matter what team you root for, the one thing that all baseball fans have in common is their hatred of the Yankees. Who hasn't heard the saying "I only root for two teams- the insert team name here, and whoever's playing against the Yankees." I have seen the Phillies receive a lot of blog love this week, but have yet to see anything for the Yankees. So Yankees fans, out yourselves and show our boys some love!


  1. Thank g-d they won last nite!!!! xxxooo

  2. Now, I am a *huge* Phillies fan so, of course I am partial (I need to post the photo I have of myself, at age 2, in a Phillies jacket). But, in all honesty, I think a lot of people don't cheer for the Yankees (or should I say, cheer against them) because when one team wins and wins and wins all the time - it gets boring.

    In my opinion, the Phillies are fun because they almost never win (I have been through MANY a *very* losing seasons) - so, this is new and exciting for us as fans. However, I know that even when MY favorite team is the one that is winning and winning and winning - I still lose interest.

    Case in point, when I was in high school, our baseball team was one of the best in NJ. They won states every year, won East Coast tournaments, won conference championships - you name it. Well, it got to the point that no other teams in my HS got any attention - and all the school's allotted athletic money went to the baseball team. So, what ended up happening is that people (except the team players and parents) stopped caring and frankly, started getting annoyed. It was like - oh yay, what did the baseball team win now? What kind of fancy stuff are they going to get now? What other teams are going to have to stand in their shadow, once again?

    The human species is bored quite easily. We need some "freshness" every now and again! LOL!

    But, whatever happens, it's going to be a very good series! :)


  3. Well I'm not necessarily a Yankees fan but will show my love for them only since I work in NYC! :o) Personally, I am a CUBS fan - through all the good AND bad! :o)

  4. Ummm... not *everyone* hates the Yankees, we happen to like them, and at the risk of being bombarded by bloggers, are happy to acknowledge we are pulling for them in the series.

    Rooting for them this year is different, and has to do with a lot of things; but we do concur with Erin's theory about the boring factor. It does get boring, kind of like the way the Wolverines (U of M) were in the 80's and 90's.

    May the best team win!

  5. Go Yankees!!!

    I am not a fan of the i root for two teams slogan--I think that you should put all your energy into supporting your team and not all the negative energy against other teams!

    Glad to find another Yankee fan in blogland!


    My whole family (save for little brother who calls the Yankees his '2nd favorite team - he's a Nationals fan - long story) are Yankees fans. My poor grandpa said enough cuss words during game 1 to make a sailor blush. Little brother is 9 and did a pretty great job of yelling at the TV sans cuss words as well according to my mother. Of course, he fell asleep before the game ended and woke up mad the next morning. :)

    It's going to be a great series!

    Oh, and around here, that saying is "I cheer for two teams - the Tennessee Vols and whoever's playing the Gators." :)

  7. Yankees born and bred!

    When my husband and I first started dating and I met his parents, the first thing his dad asked me was Yankees or Mets? Thank God they are Yankees fans too ;)

  8. I don't hate the Yankees, even though we are Braves fans! My brother is a die-hard Southern boy and loves the Yankees!