Wednesday, August 19, 2009

one girl, three purses

Being that I am completely neurotic and borderline OCD, I have already started packing for England. It's only 16 days until I leave, after all. Being that I am flying the wonderfulness that is Delta Airlines (oh joy), I am restricted to bringing one suitcase. The second bag will cost me $50. TLS's birthday is September 18th, ironically enough, that is also the date of the Air Force Birthday, so I am flying with World's Best Birthday Gift for him in my suitcase, along with some other presents that he already knows about. (I am not posting what I got him here, but if you're curious, email me and I will tell you.) This will clear up space in my bag for lots and lots and lots of souvenir shopping. However, I have zero desire to be charged for an overweight or second bag, so I am trying to consolidate as much as possible. Considering that I have been a lifelong member of Overpackers Not Anonymous, this is not exactly an easy feat for me. (One time in 9th grade, I brought a full suitcase with me to a slumber party!)

I am bringing my monogrammed Vera Bradley New Hope Miller with me so that we can take it for our overnight trip to Belgium, and so that I can use it as a carryon for the way back. I am trying really hard to restrict myself to just these three purses.

1) Longchamp Planetes Black Shopper
If you do not own one of these bags, get one. It is well worth the price. It is thicker and more durable than the Pliages series bags, does not get dirty, and looks a lot sleeker and more elegant.

2) Louis Vuitton Montorgueil
I love this bag so so much.

3) Vineyard Vines Margarita tote
I love Vineyard Vines totes and have probably 4 or 5. They are great bags in general, but they are awesome for travelling because they have internal pockets for organizing things.

I plan on taking the Louis Vuitton and the Vineyard Vines tote as my carryons and having the Longchamp in my suitcase.

A week and a half on only three purses. Do y'all think that I can really do this? Who wants to place bets on this?

Also, if you want to sign up for my beverage swap, you still have until midnight tomorrow to do so. I will post the partners tomorrow.


  1. Are you sure you dont want to add just one small clutch for evening?
    I love my LV bag too!

  2. um hi! please email me what youre getting im all about ideas for sos bdays... and love the longchamp!! sooo chic :) xxxooo

  3. I love Longchamp, so versitle!

    I know girls everywhere are going to gasp when I say this, but you probably could get away with taking just the LV or the Longchamp. I understand the tote bag as a carryon, but seeing that there is a luggage restriction and you will want to bring back souviners it may be well worth it to leave one at home!

  4. I want a vineyard vines bag so bad, especially the Orioles one.

  5. I love my Longchamp. That thing has been with me everywhere and I'm a huge fan!

  6. Good luck with the mission! I love VV totes!

  7. I have faith in you! You can always pack, assess, then repack if you need to. I had to do that for the cruise ;)

  8. You are taking exactly 388 bags less than I anticipated. Good Job! You are taking exactly 7 less than I would take. LOL. xoxo BFF JILL

  9. I would add a clutch... I am also an overpacker and feel your pain! I took 5 pairs of shoes for a long weekend in Delaware, most of which was spent at a baseball tournament and high heels were not necessary. But still....