Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Another week is over, another new favorite things is up.

For as long as I can possibly remember, I have never been a fan of costume/fashion jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of pieces are pretty, and I have received quite a few as gifts, however I was never a huge fan of trends, and I never understood the point of buying cheap jewelry to only wear for one or two seasons, or that would only go with a few outfits. To me, it has always made sense to invest in slightly more expensive, timeless, classic pieces, that you could always own and wear. Since this week I have spent an exhorbitant amount of time looking at jewelry websites, this week's favorite things is devoted to jewelry items. It can also be called the things that MRM wants but cannot actually afford post.

I have always loved Hermes scarves thanks to my mother, and this week, after Preppy, 50, and Loving Lilly posted a picture of an Hermes bangle, I have not stopped looking at the jewelry on the Hermes site. Also, I have not stopped obsessing over this bracelet. The Clic H in pink, $510. I have sent TLS this link so many times that he can now navigate the Hermes site to get to it blindfolded. I was not able to upload the picture from the website, and this was the best I could find. I want the bracelet in pink. The lovely and adorable Summer at B is for Brown has this in white and I got to see it in person at the Britney Spears concert and I have to say that the picture does not do it justice.

AlsoAdd Image from Hermes, another one I love, the leather Jumbo bracelet, $230. This one is not as elegant as the Clic H, but is still simple and can be worn with a lot of things.
Since I always, always, always have to check the Tiffany site for jewelry, a sweet, simple necklace at a price that I can actually afford. Bow mini pendant, $100.
Since I was not able to get myself a piece of Yurman for my birthday as I had originally wanted to, I still have a craving for one. I think this Petite Albion Parasolite ring will satisfy it nicely, $590.
Most of my blog readers know my love of pearls. If I'm awake, I'm wearing something with pearls on it. I am dying to own some Mikimotos. I love this floral set. I think that it would be a lovely "something new" to wear to your wedding. $980 for the earrings, $850 for the pendant.
And lastly, speaking of weddings. I am not one of those girls that has had her entire wedding day planned out since she was 5. However, I have had my engagement ring picked out since I was in high school. I love simple, classic settings, but prefer sidestones and baguettes. I am also not a fan of round cuts or fancy cut diamonds. When I discovered the Radiant Cut diamond, I knew that it was the one for me. Sadly, I am not able to post the picture for this one, if you would like to see it, go here, select three-stone rings, and it is the last one, the Classic.

While I am a ways away from having one of these on my finger (unless I buy it myself and wear it as a right-hand ring) I love going to the website and looking at it. My college boyfriend who wanted to marry me had the page with it bookmarked. While that relationship did not work out, I was not ready to get married at 22 and he did not want to wait, I still want the same ring. On days when I am having a bad day, I go to the site, and seeing it just makes me smile.


  1. You should have labeled this post "TLS's Shopping list for the next few years' worth of birthdays/anniversaries/V-Days/etc"

    And got it *wink* on the ring.

    Just out of curiosity - how do you feel about diamond wedding bands?

    xoxoxo BFF JILL

  2. I love understated jewlery too and am loving the bow necklace!

  3. I love all of this! I have a HUGE Hermes hubby gave me the fat H bangle in orange a few years ago and I still LOVE it as if he gave it to me yesterday!
    I wear one of my "twilly" scarves in my ponytail almost everyday....poor hubby, he should have never taken me in there! He created a crazy habit!

  4. I almost asked my husband for the Tiffany bow necklace for my birthday this year but decided on a dress instead. Also, my engagement ring is a radiant cut and I LOVE it. It's so sparkly and just perfect :-)

  5. I love the ring!
    Such an interesting design!

  6. I am not a costume jewelry fan either but the Hermes pieces are different!!!

  7. I really like the bow pendant and pearls are ever classy!

  8. The pearls are fantastic! I too have (perhaps) had an engagement ring picked out since high school. I had this fantastic twisty ring with green and red stones which I fell in love with. Luckily, Tacori makes very similar engagement rings :)

    I love the band from this one.

    and the setting from this one.

    Still a work in progress.. which isn't that much of a problem as I'm not really acquiring one of these rings in the near future.

  9. I love the pearl earrings and bow necklace. Such great pieces!

  10. All gorgeous stuff!! I'm with you on the classic jewelry. For a while I'd buy cheap stuff and found I never wore it and stuck with the same pieces over and over again. I'm a sucker for anything Yurman.

  11. I love Hermes bracelets! I have a few bangles and one of the silk bracelets. They rock.

  12. I looove the bow necklace. Very cute!