Friday, August 21, 2009

The British Invasion

Well folks. It is now exactly just two weeks and 6 hours until my plane takes off for London. I could not be more excited. It only seemed appropriate to make this week's favorite things the British edition. Partly because I love England so much, and partly because I have realized that instead of paying high prices for shipping, I can order things offline, have them sent to TLS's British address, and they'll be waiting for me when I get there. Someone hide my credit card from me. All prices are in GBP. Currently the exchange rate is: 1£= $1.65.

Many of my readers know my love of fun coffee mugs. When you are in London, obviously a trip to Harrods is a must. I love the quirky elegance of this mug. It's pricey, but makes a great souvenir or gift. £11.95
Another fun, quirky gift idea from Harrods is this "Lovers and Other Strangers" address book. I absolutely love the color. £14.95
A beautiful pearl bracelet from Harrods by Thomas Sabo, £29.95.
A beautiful blue and white tea for one set from Harrods, £26.95.
From another British staple, Fortnum and Mason, a luggage tag in my favorite color. £17.62

When I first when to England with my mother in high school, I saw this darling little box from Wedgwood and knew I had to have it. My mother talked me out of it because it was £17 and I couldn't store anything in it. Since then, I've always wanted it. It is now up to £22.50, but I don't care. I am determined to make it mine by the end of this trip.

Another gift idea from Wedgwood that I am lusting over is this teapot candle. It is a single person sized Jasperware teapot that is filled with an Earl Grey scented candle. At £20.00 the price is a bit high, but it would definitely make a nice hostess or other gift.
From Marks & Spencer, a cute umbrella at a great price. £5Also from Marks & Spencer, a pair of Mr. and Mrs. mugs that would make a great gift for a newlywed couple. £9.50


  1. Such great finds! Thanks for posting, my parents are headed back to England on Monday, I think I need them to pick up a few of these things for me!

  2. Nice finds! I love the teapot candle!

  3. have so much fun shopping!! hope the weather is nice.. i was in London 2 Novembers ago, and it rained way too much!! but loved Harrods... xxooo

  4. Such cute picks! I love the one set tea cup! I have one of these in pink and white lace look!

  5. Super cute gifts!!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!!!
    xxxx me

  6. just found your blog, it's super cute! love the bracelet! I'm kind of obsessed with Harrods! I can't wait to go back to London just to go shopping.

  7. What a grand lot of goodies you selected Miss Flip-Flops, and at three of our favorite haunts over there! We can't wait for you to b on your way, we're so excited for you!

  8. Okay I LOOOOVE M&S more than anyone ever should so of course I love all there stuff. I love their clothes too - not too expensive but versatile. Talking about M&S makes me miss there chicken salads - which, when I worked at Bishopsgate, I had nearly every day as there was an M&S nearby. I'm getting supper jealous of your trip now. Feel free to travel down to Surrey to a lovely village called Hinchley Wood and give my old neighbors a hug. And then you can mail my dad some bread b/c he loved the bakery in town. LOL. OMG that's it. I'm coming with. What says "romance" like your BFF JILL tagging along? xoxoxo

  9. Everytime we fly to Germany, we stopover in London. I have yet to venture into the city though. Maybe soon though...

    Also, you have an award on my blog :)

  10. Getting Lost in London got me hooked on Marks & Spencer!!! Too cute. :)

  11. I want to go back to London now! Great picks

  12. I looove Harrods by Thomas Sabo! Gorgeous!