Thursday, July 30, 2009

well this is just not my week

Remember when I mentioned that I had lost my housekeys? I called my landlord and my super to borrow their copies and it turned out that neither of them had a copy to my key. How my landlord does not have a copy, I still don't get. Yesterday, I ended up having to take the day off work so that my super could change the lock on my door. Surprisingly enough, it only took an hour. When I first signed my lease, before I had even moved, I gave my keys to my mother so that she could make a spare set and she forgot to do it. She felt bad about that so she said that she would pay for half of what it cost to get new keys which was nice of her. I was able to get the key to my building and have new keys for my apartment, so I am now only missing the key to my mailbox, which the super said would take a while to get. I am going to be slow in receiving my mail for the next week or so, so if you send me something and I don't respond or acknowledge it, please don't take it personally. Out of the whole situation, I am most upset about losing the keychains/fobs that the keys were on. One was a red and black patent leather Coach ladybug that I got from a sorority sister last year as a birthday/happy first convention gift, and one was a Tiffany blue with white polka dots with MRM on it in red that I ordered from ~miller ribbons~. At least yesterday, I was home for when the UPS guy came so I was able to get my Barnes & Noble order. I got seasons 1 and 2 of Army Wives, the book Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, and a book on pedometer walking.

My little sister (sorority) and I decided to do dinner. On my way to the train station, I decided to stop by Starbucks, where I met the unfortunate realization that I left my credit card at home. I had to walk back to my house to get my card. On my way home, a torrential downpour started. Of course, I was wearing flip flops and had no baseball cap or umbrella on me. In addition to this, my phone got soaked in the downpour and stopped working. When I finally made it back to the train for dinner, I was running 5 minutes late and managed to step into a puddle and get more soaked. Dinner was absolutely amazing. We went to Q2, a thai place. I've been there once before with my mom and I love it. The prices are good, the food and drinks are amazing, and it's far enough north of the Theater District, that you can avoid tourists and the hell on earth that is Times Square, but still make it to your show some time. If you are in NYC and need a restaurant in the Theater District, I highly recommend it. After dinner, we decided to stop by Ricky's. Ricky's is a weird chain in NYC which is half pharmacy, half not. They do not sell any meds there, but they do have a great selection of hair and bath/beauty products, along with a sometimes extensive array of condoms and sex toys. They also sell fun gift items there. Kelly and I decided to go in and see if they had Schlong Boy there. They didn't. But we had fun playing with their nail polish and bouncy ball displays and I bought a card for KMH, so not all was lost. After dinner, we went for drinks and then got baked goods and parted ways. (She got a cheesecake, I got a cannoli.)

My phone had started working by this point so I figured I would be fine. I use my cell phone as my alarm and basically my life line (facebook, twitter, internet, personal, sorority, and blog emails, and my 20,000 nightly texts to KMH) and the thought of having to go without it is just scary to me. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed with the sun in my face and thought, "wow, I woke up before my alarm." I then looked over at my cell phone and realized that it had turned itself off in the middle of the night. When I turned it on, I saw that it was 8:01, I leave my house at 7:35 at the latest to get to work. I had to take a very expensive cab ride to get to work.
After sending emails, facebook messages, and calling all of the guests that I do have phone numbers for to get rsvps for JMK's shower, I am still missing rsvps from a few people. Seriously, what is wrong with people? However, at this point, I need to order favors and have enough rsvps yes that I know roughly how many to order for. A while ago, JMK picked these to be her favors:
Now they are backordered on every single favor site I have looked at, and will ship on August 11th at the earliest. The shower is August 9th, so that doesn't exactly help me. I am now trying to find new favors. Ones that preferably don't cost a lot per person since I am paying for the entire shower by myself, and that can get to me by August 8th.


  1. Ok... I sending BEST- WELL WISHES your way!!
    xxxx me

  2. When it rains it pours! Sorry to hear about your rough day! ON the up side it is almost the weekend! That always makes me feel better!

  3. It is so true that when it rains it pours! I am sorry about your not so good day. I will say you may have something from me in your mailbox (when you finally get the keys back!)

  4. I;m sorry to hear about your rotten day. It will get better though, promise!

  5. I hope next week is your week! You are funny though. xo

  6. Cheer up friend!
    You are planning & paying for the shower on your own? Holy cow! I'll see if I can find anything cute online for favor suggestions.

  7. Oh Miss Flip-Flops, what a nightmare of a morning, yikes! We're hoping today is vastly improved.

    Sending a smile,

  8. I hate off weeks and hope your turns around. The favors you featured are darling and hopfully more will be in stock soon!

  9. Hope everything starts going your way--we definitely all have those days!Also, let me know how twenties girl is--I've got to pick it up when I have a chance! All shopping has been temporarily suspended on the basis of me being totally unable to pick things up while on crutches.

  10. What a week! I hope things turn around soon.

    Also, HATE when people don't RSVP...seriously.

  11. DUDE FINALLY the rest of your damn birthday gift arrived. Now I can package it and send it off! Hooray! I swear- sometimes the internet makes my life much harder than it needs to be. 4 down, 19996 texts to go today. :)
    bff jill

  12. Good luck on finding new favors, sorry to hear about the rain!!!

  13. Have you tried ETSY for similiar favors? I have never been disappointed anything I have got from there.

    Good Luck,
    Julie D