Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and I'm back

I apologize for my lack of a post yesterday (yes, KMH, I know you're still bitter about it, deal). I had an absolutely amazing weekend and wish that I could go again. I still have ASA cheers stuck in my head. Despite the fact that I went as a facilitator, I learned so much from the program. Most of the chapters that sent delegates to this conference are not from the district that I volunteer for, so I got to meet a lot of new women.

In the grand tradition of doing things the MRM way, of course I had an epic travel adventure getting back to New York. Due to storm warnings in New York, the FAA delayed flights arriving into JFK, so we were stuck on the runway for an hour waiting for the go ahead. When we finally took off, once we got close to New York, the storm had already started. We were told we couldn't land and had to fly around in circles for a bit, basically. We were starting to run low on fuel, the pilot ended up having to land the plane in Scranton, PA. The original plan was to land in Scranton, refuel, and fly back out to JFK, but the FAA had other plans. When it became clear that we couldn't take off, Delta tried to find a bus to take us from Scranton to JFK. (3 hours 15 minutes on a bus vs. 20 minutes on a plane.) We finally arrived in JFK at 2am, when we were originally supposed to land at 7pm. I was also starving because I only ate breakfast and then some fries in St. Louis. I did not have a chance to get food in STL and I figured I could eat when I landed in JFK. The Scranton airport is small and the restaurant and all of the food shops there close at 6:30 and the bus did not make any stops for food. My only consolation was that the Delta flight attendant felt bad and gave me like 20 packets of cookies and peanuts. I spent the past two nights in my mother's house and was going to go home tonight for the first time. I just realized that somewhere in between St. Louis, Scranton, and New York, I lost my house key. Of course my mother doesn't have a spare. How is my life not a sitcom?


  1. glad to hear you finally made it back! hope you'll come enter my fun giveaway! xoxo KAG

  2. LMAO. xoxox. More than sunlight. BFF JILL.

  3. Oh dear. We're beginning to think there's some kind of air travel plot afoot here Miss MRM, honestly.

    But it's good to know you ultimately made it back, all in one piece.

  4. Oh man - what a trip! Sorry for the tough time with Delta...you really should find a new airline! But at least their Biscoff cookies are delicious! I was seriously tempted to order a box of them, they're so good :) xoxo