Thursday, May 7, 2009

tonight I'm cleaning out my closet

I can't sleep, I'm addicted to music videos on GAC, and have consumed way more soda than I should have, especially when you consider that I hate soda to begin with, so now I am cleaning out my closet at my mom's house. Which means it's time for more Spring Cleaning giveaways. For your drinking enjoyment, I have a flask.

It is stainless steel, holds 2 oz. of your adult beverage of choice (or H2O if you're ubergreen), and is engraved with the word "Lush" on it. I *think* I got this as part of a gag gift for a friend that ended up not getting used.

I have no use for this because I have another flask that I received as a gift that 1) holds more than 2 oz. of liquidy goodness, and 2) is engraved with my name on it. Obviously. So let's see if any of y'all can use this. (Before anyone suggests this- let me just say that no, it will NOT work for a Jimmy Buffett concert, so don't even bother saying it. There's 2oz. and there's Jimmy. If you drew a Venn Diagram of the two, you would see that they just would not overlap.)

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment with your most hilarious underage drinking story by Friday, May 15th, for one entry, become a follower for a second entry, and blog about this for a third entry. (If you do not want to post your underage drinking story here for professional reasons, you can email it to me at whaleflipflops {@} gmail {.} com.)



  1. While not the funniest it is by far the most suitable for your blog. In college several of us travel to Memphis, TN for a bowl game. Not a single one of us was of age so most of our time revolved around how to get our hands on booze. One night we were going to meet some of our other friends at a bar. Problem was Silky O'Sullivan's was a 21 and up club. We try any way. We get to the door and show a variety of ID's and we flirt and wink and the bouncers shockingly let us in. They stamp the underside of our wrist and waive us through. We think we are just the big cheese until we flip our wrists over to look at the stamp. It's bright green ink....and it says on our wrists "bulsh*t". Guess we weren't such hot stuff after all.

  2. Hmm enter me!! When I was in highschool there used to be this bar in my town everyone went to. So i got a fake ID from a senior, because to get in you had to be 18 to get in... everything was fine till the new bouncer's ex gf was the girl on my id, haha.. he was like Youre not genevieve, oy! xxoo

  3. "post about your favorite underage drinking experience". JEEZ LOUISE. How about the time, sophomore year of college, [we were 20]when my friends and i threw a toga party and a 40+ year old showed up? we fondly nicknamed him "Artie the One Man Party".
    or the night we played power hour in tutus?
    or how about the last night of college freshman year when we stole leafblowers and blew them in the faces of sleeping seniors.
    best underage dirnking story: go to Montreal, Canada with my best girlfriend and 13 boys we were friends with, don't tell the parents, first night we're there we're so excited that we can drink legally that we uhhh over indulge. i lose my clutch and wallet hence ID and need to call my parents tell them i'm
    1. out of the country
    2. without ID
    they have to fax me a copy of my passport so that i can get back into the United pretty much looked like the question mark face on facebook.
    luckily we sweet talked our way back across the border.

    all true. i was a disaster.

  4. your blog is awesome :)
    new follower!!!

  5. You are too funny Miss MRM, love the flask! And yesterday's post about Mister Bear? It was the best, I could almost see him in my mind's eye from the picture you painted!

    Have a smashing weekend!

  6. Well I guess I am boring because while I do not drink alcohol now I drank just a bit (honest to god) when I was in college.
    Let's just state that I have what I consider a record for going from the entrance of the dorm to the 5th floor by stair (where my dorm room was) to go to the bathroom (I had just a bit to drink). I had gotten an escort from the campus security also to my dorm because of the need to use the bathroom.