Monday, May 11, 2009

I've got weddings on the brain

Or bridal showers actually. Ever since last night, I cannot stop thinking about J's upcoming bridal shower. We scheduled it for August 9th, and I already booked the place, and am working on a theme and looking at invitations and all that. Since the bride is an awesome cook, I am thinking of going with a cooking theme where everyone has to bring their favorite recipe on a card to be put into a recipe scrapbook for her. I am looking at favors and invitations now. There's just so many cute things to go for! Obviously, I have quite some time, but still. For all you bloggers out there that have attended/hosted showers, what were the best elements of those showers? What were your favorite and least favorite favors? Please note, the bride and most of the guests will be Orthodox Jewish and keep kosher, so please do not suggest any edible favors. I have a few ideas, but am always looking for more. Also, if any bloggers own favor/invitation/party supply stores, and are willing to give a fellow blogger a discount, I will greatly appreciate it, and will certainly thank you in my blog!


  1. We got heart shaped mixing spoons.... i didnt like those oh so much... makeup bags are cute! xxo

  2. Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you!!

  3. I think the cooking theme and the recipie book is a great idea! I'm still single so I can't say from a bride's prespective but from my friends I've thrown parties for they always seem to appreciate the details that show you really thought about their interests and what they enjoy to make the even special for them.

    I think a really cute idea for a favor would a cookie cutter in a cute shape that goes along with the theme and has a favorite cookie recipie of the bride or one of the hostess. Or you could go with some other small kitchen gadget , I'm just partial to cookie cutters because I love making cookies.

    Have fun planning, sounds like you're off to a great start :)

  4. Your idea for a cooking/recipe/kitchen (?) theme sounds really good, there are so many great gifts in a broad price range in this theme.

  5. That recipe scrapbook is an amazing idea for a bride-to-be! I can't remember any favors for bridal showers I've been to that would fit. The last one I went to I got a llama figure because the bride was from south america!

  6. I recommend for invites - their designs look a lot like crane's but are a fraction of the price. They also have a few matching favors (mint tins, candles) that might work.

    You can also have people bring their favorite recipe and any non-perishable ingredients that might be needed for it. I have a great lemon poppyseed semi-homemade cake recipe that I frequently give with a bundt pan. Since there is the kosher requirement, it might be a good way for the bride to build her pantry!