Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Crazy Am I?

So remember the engagement party that I was telling y'all about? It was tonight. I went and had a blast. The couple is getting married in September and had several registries made up. Most people didn't bring a gift, I ordered something off one of the registries. It didn't come in in time but will go to the bride. For anyone who suggested that I get something monogrammed, I'm not a fan of monogrammed engagement gifts for two reasons:
1) Not to sound totally negative, but engaged is not married. You don't want to think about it, but what if the couple realizes that they're not right for each other? Then what?
2) Unless you are 110% certain that the bride will be changing her last name, you could make the situation a bit awkward. I actually found out today that this bride will not be changing her name, so I am really glad that I did not get anything monogrammed for them.

You could tell that the bride really wanted me there and was really excited when I came. We spent a lot of time talking, and really got to know each other a lot better. She asked me if I would host her bridal shower (she's not having a bridal party) and I agreed. She really liked the one that I threw for our friend L and wanted something similar. I can't believe I agreed to throw a shower for a girl I've only met three times, but I'm actually excited about it. As much as I may gripe about weddings and being the last single girl in the world and all that jazz, I really love throwing and hosting parties. Plus now I have an excuse to buy Lilly invitations and partyware. (Preppy Princess, be prepared for a large order sometime in July/August.) Plus, the shower I threw for our friend was not as much as I thought it would be, and I will not be the only person paying for this one. So ladies, am I totally crazy or do any of y'all totally enjoy hosting parties to this extent?

Weekend recap will come tomorrow, with a few pictures.


  1. I absolutely LOVE throwing and hosting parties. Love it. Really want to have an events planning business once I can stay in one place.

  2. Oh fun! I love hosting parties too!

  3. You are not alone!!! I always volunteer to host parties, and love every minute of it :) Being the one single girl in my group of friends it might not make sense, but planning bridal showers, engagement parties and baby showers make me happy!!!

  4. I love throwing parties too so I think I would also have said yes! It is always fun to have an excuse to buy fresh flowers, cook, bake and have everyone over!

  5. You already know I agree with you about the monogramming thing. Good choice. I'm glad you had fun at the party. You know if you need to make some extra cash you could always become a freelance party planner :)

  6. Lilly makes invites!!!??? Yes!!!

  7. I love to host parties and plan all the fun aspects like menu and theme and everything.

    I think its great you're getting closer to the bride and that you've been so kind to help with her shower. Its funny of great friends pop up in the most random places.

  8. We are completely in sync with the "no monogrammed gift," it has been that way for quite awhile with gifts from the Prepatorium. Somebody told us once when discussing the topic we were both "much too cynical" for thinking this way. ???

    You are awfully sweet to mention us Miss MRM, we are ready to serve at any time!

    Grins & Giggles,