Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Unbirthday to Me

It is time for me to post my weekly favorite things post. Partly because it's Friday, and partly because KMH has been harassing me about it all morning. My mother is on vacation now, and before she left, she told me that I need to start thinking about what I want for my birthday. Every year for my birthday, Hannukah, and New Year, she asks me to do this and it always ends up being an excercise is futility since she never gets me what I ask for, and decides to get me something that I will never use. However, it has been brought to my attention by KMH that 1) I will be in Chicago two months before my birthday and the birthday festivities will commence then, and 2) my friends would like to get me presents for my birthday that do not cost $600 so I need to post something more affordable. With that said and done, this week's favorite things is also known as "MRM's birthday wishlist."

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers
Being that I am basically the world's biggest dork, I have always wanted a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers because I think they're quirky and fun and cute. This falls under the category of things that I would not buy myself but would love to own. $29.99 at Runaway Rabbit.

Lost Shaker of Salt
If you haven't figured this out about me from reading my blog yet, I like Jimmy Buffett. While perusing Jimmy Buffett related sites, I found this:
The lost shaker of salt. Totally something that I do not need but want. Badly, for my bar. $6 from Margaritaville.

A Nutcracker
Sure, what the hey, let's put it on the list and see if this is the year that mommy actually gets me one...

A Pink Pen
This is the most random thing on my list. And also the cheapest. When I started my recipe journal back in college, I devised a system for it. I write the recipe title in pink, and then the ingredients and directions in blue or black. My pink pen has gone AWOL and I have not replaced it. Every time I go stationary shopping or order office supplies, I always seem to forget to get a pink pen. This has not boded well for my recipe journal. If someone could please get me a pink pen, I would really appreciate it. Actually, come to think of it, I need a new recipe journal.

A New Badge
When I was getting initiated, I really wanted to get a nice badge, but was not sure how often I would wear it. Since then, I have gotten to wear my badge quite a bit and have regretted not getting a pretty one. This is the one I really really want:

Gold with pearls and ruby points. I have no idea how much this cost because it seems like every time I look at the jewelry order form, the price has gone up.

A Monogrammed LL Bean Boat and Tote

I love these bags so much and want more. In just about every single color that they come in. I have so many bags that I cannot justify possibly getting myself another one, but if someone wanted to get me one, well then it would just be rude of me and bad manners to not accept it, no? Mommy, take note.

$26 at LL Bean.
Pearl and Starfish Necklace
Hey KMH, it isn't $600. :p I love pearls and starfish. And most things Tiffany. So this is an obvious one.
Couldn't get a better picture, sorry. $350 at Tiffany
Now for more Tiffany items. I have a slight fascination with really tiny jewelry/trinket boxes. You know the ones that can never hold more than two rings or a pair of earrings or so? I have quite a few of them and like to buy more when I go somewhere. I have one big jewelry box for my necklaces, and the rest of my jewelry in in these tiny little boxes. Obviously this is the most efficient use of space ever, but I like them so I don't care. These are my top three favorites:

Pink Leather Travel Jewelry Box ($75)

Tiffany Blue box ($75)

Duck handpainted Limoges Box ($215)
Yes I am well aware of the fact that given the price tag this will not be happening. But considering that I have been collecting rubber duckie stuff since 1998, I couldn't not put this on my list.

Lilly Pulitzer Party Crown

I have a weird fascination with wearing weird things on my head for pictures, and as soon as Lilly came out with these, I knew I had to have them for my birthday. No ifs ands or buts. KMH, you will be getting these for MRM's Birthday Celebration, the Prequel.

$10 at Lilly Pulitzer


  1. Yay! I'll take one of all these as well. :)

  2. Who would not feel happy looking at the Tiffany Blue box? The starfish necklace could be nicely stored in it.

  3. We all want the blue box, honey. ;)
    Love reading about all your favs. Love the salt shaker - you must get it with your concert coming up. We share so many favs. Girls of exceptional taste, we are. :)

  4. You've given me some great inspiration for your birthday gift this year! :)

  5. Just to make you feel better, I knew right away about the Lost shaker of salt! (Heh-heh-heh.)

    You made great picks, especially the bunnies and the starfish.

    Have a splendid weekend MRM!

  6. I HAD bunny slippers!! :) They started to look like death a couple years into college but I loved them. My big replaced them with ladybug ones that are still in great shape today!

    I wish I had gotten a nicer pin too, I don't where mine much but my sister is about to go to a school where they have ASA and I REALLY hope she pushy?? No! :)

    I hope you get all of these fabulous things on your list! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. AWWWW my birthday is on thursday!!

  8. I love that pink jewelry box!

  9. I have a pink Le Pen that i am obsessed with. Must try one.